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Hockey, Rats, and Bowties… What?

Serendipity. No, I don’t mean a dessert stop across the river or a John Cusack movie. Literally, it’s a happy accident, two seeming unrelated things that combined into one funny occurrence – and that, Devils fans, is what happened to me recently.

You see, the Devils digital marketing director @WillCarafello decided to a wear a bowtie for good luck to Game 4 of the Devils playoff series against the Florida Panthers. I’ve been informed it was more likely that Mrs. Carafello made this executive decision, but what a choice it was because on that Thursday night last week Will’s bowtie saw the Devils blank the Panthers four nothing. I had told him on the concourse of the Prudential Center before the puck dropped that if we won I would also don the bowtie of luck for Game 6. Being a man of my word, my bowtie made the trip to the Rock last night.

In a completely unrelated storyline the now infamous President of the Panthers, Mr. @PanthersYormark, decided to get into some internet altercations with several Devils fans after accusing the Devils Army of throwing rats in Florida. One of these fans was a Devils General (@cj255devs) who he told to “get off twitter” and he went calling out other members of the Devils Army – which include the now heavily followed and suite connoisseur @LaurenAshley07. For more information about that story, check out’s article on it.

I truly believe that the Devils showed who the classier organization is throughout this whole interaction. And it’s only natural that the old-fashion classy gentlemen showed up in bowties.


Ahh, sweet serendipity arrives! The happy accident that Will and I planned on wearing bowties for good luck at the same time we needed to show a little extra class. So when you’re thinking about a silly rallying point for Game 7 and beyond we’re encouraging everyone to class it up. Come out to the Devils Viewing Party at the Rock with a bowtie and a jersey, and stay classy New Jersey.


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