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Keeping the NBA in New Jersey

New Jersey Nets at Prudential Center, NewarkIf you Devils fans are anything like us Devils Army Generals (and I bet you are), you may not be huge NBA fans.  Or if you’re like me, you see the possible lack of an NBA season as nothing more than a great opportunity for the mass media to step up their hockey coverage.  That being said, I think few can deny that our Great State of New Jersey could benefit from having an NBA team.  The economic benefit is a great boast, and who doesn’t want another team to bring a championship to the state?  With the NJ Nets leaving Newark when their new arena is completed, that would leave us with one major league team to call our own.

That being said, basketball star Shaquille O’Neal (you may have heard of him) is looking to bring basketball to Newark.  Shaq was actually born in 1970’s Newark, so needless to say he has an emotional connection to the city that many of us have come to call our second home.  Shaq recently had a chat with the folks behind The New York Times NBA blog, Off The Dribble.  It’s a small portion of a much bigger interview, but here are the basics: Shaq knows that Newark can support an NBA team, and he wants to be one of the guys to bring it there. Knowing how excited Mayor Booker was about having the NCAA Basketball Tournament in Newark this past season, I bet he would be interested in this as well.

Personally, I’m all in.  I love New Jersey and traveling into Newark for Devils games more and more recently has shown me a lot of the city.  I want to see Newark be the best it can be, and I feel that having an NBA that’s there to stay could be a huge benefit.  It would also be pretty cool to have the best arena in the NHL become the best arena in the NBA.  Tell us what you think.  Do you want to see pro basketball back in Newark ASAP, or do you think three teams in one market is asking too much.  Comment away!

Special thanks and credit to The New York Times and Off The Dribble writer Joe Brescia for posting the interview.


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