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Devils Army Far and Wide: Markus from Germany

NJ Devils International Fan: Markus, Germany Markus wears his red and black way over in Germany. It was in his hometown of Kassel where he got his first taste of hockey at a Kassel Huskies game in 1993. How did he become a New Jersey Devils fan? As his hockey interests grew, his fascination goaltenders grew with it. When Markus got word of young goalie, Martin Broduer, his focus turned to the New Jersey Devils. He also thought we had a pretty awesome looking jersey, who can disagree? Clearly, Martin Brodeur is his favorite Devil, along with Scott & Scott – Stevens and Neidermayer.

The Devils website, Facebook page and Twitter account help to keep him updated, along with Markus is also known to stay up in order to watch and/or listen to Devils games when he can. If he can’t, he makes sure to watch the game highlights the next morning. During the 2001 final series, Markus would go to sleep around 5PM just to wake up in the middle of the night to watch the games live. He was ready to celebrate after Game 7, but we know how that went…

There isn’t much hockey action where he lives (soccer is pretty dominant in Germany) but it only takes him an hour drive to get to a couple major hockey clubs. Markus played on his university inline hockey team, as a goaltender of course.

He has a pretty big collection of Devils memorabilia. Over the years he’s picked up pucks and cards – including 300 Martin Brodeur cards and a few signed cards from other Devils players. He managed to get a Brodeur autograph by writing to the Devils. He was pretty excited to get a response with an autographed picture in the mail!

Markus hasn’t made it to a Devils game yet. On a trip to Florida he was able to catch a Caps vs Panthers game and just missed the Devils since they decided to come into town the day after he left. He looks forward to the chance of seeing the Devils in action, but until then, rooting from Germany is fine with us!



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