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Oscar Roadtrip: Behind The Scenes

Oscars Roadtrip, Devils DancersFollowing up from my previous post about being behind the scenes at the Prudential Center, we were lucky enough to play host to a very special guest February 4th, 2013. Everyone that traveled with him called him Oscar, but most people know him as the Academy Award, and the Rock was just one of the stops on a brand new venture being called the Oscar Roadtrip.

The award show aired Sunday night, but for 20 long days leading up the big show Ben Gleib and Angie Greenup would drive across the country in an RV with an actual Oscar filming bits for the Oscar Roadtrip. The second day of the trip was the best day in my opinion, but I’m a little biased because that was the day I got to see Oscar in Newark New Jersey. And it happened to be a Devils v. Rangers match up on top of that, because we all know how exciting those games are. Maybe I even stole a picture with him real quick, but I couldn’t get any information out of the little guy about who’s winning any awards this year so don’t bother asking me either!

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