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NHL Playoffs Round 3: Where do you stand now?

The Bruins were leading the poll when we asked for your Round 2 picks. But they were up against Philly, so I would hope that every Devils fan would be rooting for Boston! Since Philly was knocked out, let’s see if Boston is still in the lead. Let us know who you want to clear Round 3. Don’t forget, you can pick up to two teams.

Round 2: Devils fans for Canucks

John, Devils for Canucks

Thumbs up for the Canucks!

John Dillman (@JohnnyPucks) is all for the Canucks winning this series over the Predators. He doesn’t have any official Vancouver gear, but the blue will do while he roots them on. There may be a little resentment towards Luongo after last year’s Olympics, but that doesn’t get in the way. His admiration for Ryan Kesler – and Canadian beer – makes rooting for Vancouver pretty easy.

For game 5, John headed over to the Canada Cabin at the Windfall in New York City with tons of other Canucks fans drinking their Molsons and Alexander Keiths during a Hockey This Week pre-game radio show. Unfortunately, the Preds took the game with a 4-3 win extending the series to game 6.

Other Canucks fans were a little surprised to see him with his NJ Devils hat, so he had to explain that he’s all for Vancouver, as long as the Devils are out. As John said, “Any excuse to have a Molson is a good one!”

Let us know who you’re rooting for and send us some pictures! We’d love to feature more Devils fans rocking their red, and other team of choice, during the playoffs!

Email us your pictures and stories to

Round 2. Where Do You Stand?

Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1 of the playoffs is over and now we’re heading into Round 2. We as hockey fans, that is. Since the Devils are out, we have to root for (or against) other teams.

In case you weren’t paying attention – I’m sure you all were – here’s a super quick recap of Round 1.

Caps knocked out the Rangers in 5, awesome!
Tampa eliminated the Pens in 7, great!
The Flyers are still in it over Buffalo in 7, no!
Boston beat the Canadians in 7, nice! (We don’t really have a rivalry with these teams, but after a particular Habs game this season, I had no choice but to root against them!)

As for the teams we don’t have an immediate interest in: Detroit swept the Coyotes, the Preds beat the Ducks in 6, Canucks eliminated last years champ the Blackhawks in 7, and San Jose beat the Kings in 6.

The teams we root against are obvious but everyone has a different stand on who to root for. I’ll be rooting against the Flyers (duh!) and for the Canucks and Caps. I’m torn on the Detroit/San Jose series but I’m leaning towards San Jose. To be honest, I just really like their jerseys and since I have no vested interest in either team, I think that’s a decent reason to base my decision on.

Not only do we want to know who you’re rooting for, we want to see it! Send us pictures ( of you supporting your Round 2 teams and we’ll post them here. Let us know where you stand!

(Pst, pick 4 teams!)

Tweet To The Cup | Boston/Montreal Game 5 at Cryan’s

Where did you watch Game 5 of the Boston and Montreal series? If it wasn’t at Cryan’s in South Orange, you made the wrong choice. The Generals hosted a Tweet Up to watch the game last Thursday with all the usual festivities. There was hockey. There were prizes. There was even a Stanley Cup in attendance… kind of.

Kim with the Cup!

Kim with the Cup!

Tweet Ups are fun, that’s a given. But each Tweet Up gets better. There are a few regular attendee’s and always a few new faces. It’s a great way to meet and hang out with other hockey fans and enjoy a game. Since the Devils season has officially ended this is how we can get our playoff hockey fix! There’s still hockey to watch and there’s plenty to talk about. All the usual topics are covered – players, teams, stats. Then there are the unusual conversations about hockey hats and beards. (Kim and I decided that the Flyers need to clean up a bit, don’t you agree?)

Hockey Talk

Hockey Talk

The majority of us were rooting for Boston so the overtime win was pretty sweet! We also had a ton of give aways and a drawing to win an autographed Elias puck that people were pretty pumped about.

Elias Puck Box

Elias Puck Box

Mobbing the Give Away Table

Mobbing the Give Away Table

It was another successful Tweet Up. If you missed this one don’t worry, there will be more to come! We kind of really like this Tweet Up thing.

All Aboard the Bandwagon to D.C. … Literally!

What’s a Devils fan to do when this year’s playoffs don’t include them?  Jump on another team’s bandwagon of course!  Every hockey fan does it. They pick two teams they’re going to pull for during the playoffs, one from each conference, and then see if they’re right.  If not, they just continue to jump from bandwagon to bandwagon.  I’ve made my stance about who I’m rooting for in the East this year, some know who, others do not.  But for one night I’m choosing to jump on the Washington Capitals bandwagon.

You see, my husband is a die-hard Rangers fan.  So, any opportunity I can get to root against our Blue Shirt rivals, I jump at the opportunity. We decided earlier in the week that this would be a great experience for both of us, and one that we would both enjoy.  After all, I did bring him to Chicago for a Devils/Blackhawks game  last season, and he donned a Hawks jersey.  So, it’s only fitting that I go to Washington and  rock my Ovechkin t-shirt.   Therefore , tomorrow morning we’ll head down to the D.C. area to do some sight-seeing,  and get ready for Game 2 of the Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers series.

Having watched a lot of the Rangers/Caps games all season, this is still anyone’s series for the taking.  The Rangers outscored the Caps 17-6 and took the season series 3-1.  They also held Alexander Ovechkin to no goals and two assists.  Last night however, Alexander Ovechkin got on the board and tied the game late in the 3rd period.  The game headed to overtime and the Caps came out with the victory.

The Capitals lead the 7 game series 1-0. Game 2 is tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. and I can’t wait to enjoy some playoff hockey.  I’ll be rocking my red one way or another, even if it is for a different team.

Go Caps Go!


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