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The lockout is over! Bring on the hockey!

Martin BroduerNow that hockey is back, how am I supposed to react? My decision? I’ll be heading to the Rock as soon as I can. And here are two reasons why.

First, I am a hockey fan through and through, and I just want to get back to watching some hockey. I miss the crack of the puck as it hits the stick, the thunk as a player gets checked into the boards, the whoosh of the skates, and the roar of the crowd when the Devils score or Marty makes yet another unbelievable save. I miss watching this exciting game in person. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I got see two games in Atlantic City in November. Ever since then, I’ve been counting the days until I could see live hockey close to home.

Second, I’ll be heading to the Rock to support the businesses around the arena and all the workers who have been affected by the lockout. It is not their fault that there was no hockey for the past four months. But they are the ones who have been affected the most.

So hockey is back, and so am I. Hopefully I’ll see you at the Rock.


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