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Just a few of my favorite (Devils) things…

Kim's Devils Pig

Summer is in full swing and although I’ve been busy with my horseback riding, I still find myself looking forward to the fall and Devils hockey! Every day I take a look around at all the memorabilia I’ve collected and it reminds me of all the fun I’ve been having the past few seasons. I’ve got some pretty unusual items. Everyone knows I’m a huge Devils fan, so I end up with lots of Devils related “stuff.” Naturally, I’ve got a couple of favorites.

One gift, a giant red pig with horns, ended up being passed around the Player’s Award Ceremony back in March, and is now protected by a custom glass case. When my family had the case made, the people we ordered it from were curious as to what we were putting in such an oddly sized display case. Since they plan to update their website and wanted to show other potential customers their products, they asked if we minded sending them a photo that they could share. So we did! The company’s employees enjoyed the photo and were extremely interested in our story about the “Devil Pig.” We pretty much had an entire “what the heck IS that?” discussion via email!

Kim's Devils Saddle Pad

Another unusual item in my collection of “stuff” (and one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received) came from my boyfriend at Christmas. He knows I love my horses and my Devils, and I go out of my way at every opportunity to combine the two. One Halloween at a horse show, I dressed my horse as a referee, while I dressed as a Devils player (and we were featured on the Devils Army submission page proudly showing off our costume!). The following year, I had my father photograph my horse and I galloping around a field in Devils gear (also showcased here and on the Devils Army Blog!). Well, this summer, thanks to my boyfriend, my horse and I get to ride in style in a one-a-kind “Devils Cavalry” saddle pad! He picked out the pad, came up with the idea and had it specially embroidered. Naturally, it’s one of my favorite pieces of riding gear!

That all being said, the discussion with the custom display case company, and my saddle pad being something I think is unique, got me thinking about all the neat things other fans may have collected over the years. So, what’s your favorite or most unique item in your collection? Leave a comment and submit your photos to


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