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Game 11 Recap – MATTEAU! MATTEAU!! MATTEAU!!! – Devils 3 – Penguins 1

New Jersey Devils vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Ed. Note: I’m sorry for the headline but it’s the kid’s first goal and it’s kind of significant. I shall not be using this headline anymore…unless he scores a wraparound goal to knock out the Rangers in overtime in the East Final, but by then the universe will have imploded on itself and we won’t have to subject ourselves to the best case of irony ever…

Stefan Matteau wasn’t sure if he was going to be around after the 5th game of the season. I bet he’s glad he was able to stick around. Matteau grabbed his first NHL goal near the end of the 2nd period that helped propel the Devils to a win of 3-1 against the red hot Pittsburgh Penguins.

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