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Helping A Friend – The Hockey Community Sticks Together

As most of you know, Hurricane Irene swept through most of the east coast and left a path of destruction this past weekend.

While most of you reading this may not have been directly affected, or maybe had to deal with a flooded basement or a longer trip to work because of a downed tree or a flooded road, others weren’t so lucky.

A friend of mine, a fellow blogger, a hockey fan, and an overall good person was one of those people.

Late Sunday night, she tweeted: “House is under water. Going to lose it all. Devastated.”

She was up to her neck in water as she pushed her dog in a kayak to get to safety. She would eventually lose the kayak, too. She had to sleep in her car. I’m not sure where she is going from there.

I won’t post her name or Twitter ID (she’s protected anyway, so you can’t see anything) because, really, that’s not important.

What is important is what I’ve seen in the past from the hockey community. No matter what team you’re a fan of, no matter what coast you’re on, hockey fans stick together. They are always willing to help each other.

I saw it with the Nashville Floods. I’ve seen it on more personal levels, and I’d love to see it again.

We are setting up a few events to collect donations, clothing, and anything else she (and her pup) may need.

If you’d like to help in any way, please email me, or contact me on Twitter or Facebook.

I will be updating this post with any other links to events we are working on or ways you can help.

Thank you!


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