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David Clarkson Goal Celebrating, Clarking

In case you missed Game 2 of the Devils vs Flyers series on Tuesday night, Clarkson scored a goal and the excitement sent him flying. No really, watch it here! My guess is he’s trying to bring “planking” back – but now we can just call it Clark-ing.

Carlos over at was the first to start having a little fun with his Super Clarkson photos. With a little help of some photo editing software, you can found Clarkson everywhere! So far he’s been spotted crowd surfing at a concert, hang gliding his way back to New Jersey and competing in a partner figure skating competition. Where have you spotted Clarkson recently? Use this image of Clarkson flying after his goal and send in your submissions!  Just Right Click on Super Clarkson below and select Save Image As. Make sure you tag your photos and send us your sightings through Twitter, Facebook or email us at


David Clarkson Goal Celebration


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