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New Jersey Devils Focus on the Fans

Devils Army Kovy-ingThe Devils have taken the idea of fan interaction to a whole new level.

If you haven’t been following along on the official Facebook page and Twitter account, you missed your chance to vote for the newest member of the Devils Dancers.

After holding auditions for the upcoming season, the Devils took their top three contenders and let the fans vote on who should get the last spot on the dance team. Gabrielle, Sarah and Sarah-Ashley put their fate in the hands of the Devils Army and the winner was revealed at Texas-Arizona in Hoboken this past Tuesday.

This is just another way the Devils have gotten the fans directly involved with the organization. The most obvious fan-focused program is right here, the Devils Generals and Mission Control. This program is the first of its kind in the sports industry and focuses only on interacting with the fans not only through social media, but through viewing parties and making the Digital Zone the cool place to be during intermissions.

With these events along with featuring Fans of the Week, posting photo submissions on their social media pages (have you seen the official Pinterest page recently?), and letting the fans design last season’s playoff towels, you can’t deny the Devils are really focusing on building the fan community.

As for who the fans chose as our newest Devils Dancer – Gabrielle is a Jersey girl from East Hanover and won her spot with more than 14,000 fan votes. Congrats to Gabby, welcome to the Devils Army!

Devils Dancers Contest, Gabby


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