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Post-Season Depression: The Devils Cavalry

Kim, Devils CavalryI never thought it would happen to me, but I have to admit, I am actually depressed that the Devils season is over! I’m told this is a normal phase for any hardcore hockey fan, only made more difficult by my status as a season ticket holder (and one who only missed two of this year’s forty-four home games).

At first, it seemed like a relief not to be traveling up and down the Parkway/Turnpike every other day, losing sleep and trying to figure out how NOT to annoy my store manager with my game day demands. However, by week two of having no hockey games to attend, I started to get restless. I was sad. Frankly, it was puzzling; until a fellow hard core fanatic explained that what I was dealing with (and my family, though to this day they won’t admit it) can easily be summed up as “post-season depression.”

Armed with a “diagnosis” of my sudden case of the blues, I could begin focusing on the things I usually keep busy with when there isn’t any Devils hockey to watch!

This spring, I have begun the arduous process of getting back in shape. I’m an equestrian. I compete in horse shows around the state and sometimes in Pennsylvania. I’m not famous by any stretch of the imagination, nor will I ever be, but I enjoy the lower levels of competition which I can afford the time and money for. Mostly, I focus on dressage, but I also enjoy riding in hunter/jumper or the occasional horse trials. My favorite days are when my instructor takes me trail riding, and we can just relax and gallop along a nice stretch of open field! This beautiful weather has lifted my spirits, and now that my show season has officially begun, I am a busy person once more!

I know I miss being at the arena. I miss my friends, the staff, and I certainly miss the team. I’m looking forward to the fall when I can enjoy all of the perks of being a season ticket holder again. But for now, I am really excited and content to be spending all my extra time with my horses. What about the rest of you?

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