Devils Twitter Accounts All Fans Should Be Following

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The Dog Days of Summer are in full swing. Hockey cannot come back soon enough! Just because it’s the off-season though, does not mean there are no developments to follow or discuss. The best place for instant information, is the realm of twitter. In this article, we’ll take a look at some Devils twitter accounts that are great to follow other than just the official team one @NJDevils!

Keith Kinkaid – @Blockaid1

Keith Kinkaid has very fun twitter account. Of course one will see Devils-related posts (like his emoji-filled postgame breakdowns), but there is also a lot of content outside Devils hockey on there as well. Kinkaid took a fan out on a date to Chipotle all because of his twitter account, and participates in many events that he shares on his twitter. One will never be bored following Keith Kinkaid.

Taylor Hall – @hallsy09

Taylor Hall also has an interesting twitter account to follow. Hall’s twitter seems to mostly revolve around the Devils and hockey. There are however other posts that are meant to be taken as a good joke such as commenting at Selena Gomez when she’s seen in a photo wearing a Devils jersey or when he is caught in the background of a picture looking like he doesn’t want to be photographed (when he really just has no idea a picture is being taken). Hall has a funny bone on his twitter that fans can see from time to time.

Brian Boyle – @BriBrows22

Brian Boyle has a lot of content on his twitter account. One can see him talking about not taking things or people in life for granted, which is a lesson we all need to remember. There are also posts that involve the Devils which should come as no surprise. Boyle is also a bit funny and has some good character on his twitter posts like the one above where he is live tweeting while watching the movie Home Alone 2. No one will be disappointed following him.

Blake Coleman – @BColes25

Blake Coleman is also a very fascinating character on twitter. Like other Devils players, one can expect to see posts relating to the Devils or himself. Recently, Coleman has been teasing and announcing his upcoming pickle juice line. Here’s to a couple more years with the new deal he received!

Nathan Bastian – @14Nbast

Nathan Bastian is a Devils prospect who is very active on twitter. Of course Bastian tweets a lot about hockey, but also posts some humorous content to his twitter account as well. He is more active in terms of his posting retweets, but they are worthy tweets that are usually pretty funny. One should follow him while he continues to grow and try to make it to the NHL level.

Ken Daneyko – @KenDaneykoMSG

Mr. Devil himself; not a ton of introduction needed. He may not be an active player right now, but is very active on social media. Daneyko is very active not only on twitter with fans, but also in communities all over New Jersey. Fans also know that Daneyko is the color commentator for Devils games on the MSG Networks. The big takeaway is that Daneyko is active on his twitter and will respond to a good amount of fans, which the community, cannot complain about.

NJ Devil – @NJDevil00

Did you know the Devils’ team mascot NJ Devil has his own twitter account? He does and is also very active throughout the year. Sometimes you will see him post tweets interacting with other mascots around the league, along with interacting with Devils players and fans of course. NJ Devil has also been especially very active during these summer months and is a fun account to follow.

An honorable mention is Devils fan favorite Chico Resch – @chicoreschNJD! Chico appears to be more active on twitter during the regular season but posts a lot of insightful tweets. Those are some of the best Devils twitter accounts to follow but let us know in the comments any other good official Devils twitter accounts to follow.




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