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Devils Army Road Trip

Devils vs. Islanders

The 2011-2012 NHL Schedule is out and what better way to celebrate than to plan a road trip?

The Devils Army Generals would like to extend an invitation to the greatest fans in the NHL as we head out to Long Island to see our New Jersey Devils take on the New York Islanders at the Coliseum.

The game is scheduled for  Saturday, March 10, 2012, game time 7pm.  We have 50 tickets available on a first come, first serve basis (with the possibility of purchasing more if needed).   The seats will be at the end of the arena where the Devils shoot twice.  Tickets are $46 (including S&H).  Transportation will not be provided for this event.

If you are interested in attending this game, please send an email to Please include your name, address and telephone number, and the number of tickets you would like to purchase.

Any questions can be directed to this email address as well.

More details regarding this trip to come as the date draws nearer!

We’re looking forward to this match-up and to seeing you there!


The Devils Generals

Devils Generals: “Thank you for your support”

The New Jersey Devils Army Generals would like to thank everyone for their continued support. We will continue to bring you fun and exciting conversations, information and Devils’ relevant news. We are still in our infancy and we are learning new things every day. We would like to remind everyone to give us feedback and ideas this way we can continue to make your fan experience better. We want the fans experience surround the New Jersey Devils to be one that everyone around the NHL is always talking about. We want to bring this community together under Devils Army and show our state, our team and the entire country how devoted Jersey fans are.

Since our inception, we have gained over a thousand followers on Twitter and have helped increase @NHLDevils followers to over 25,000. The Devils Facebook count has increased to over 168,000 . Our #Devils1stGoal suggestions have created a lot of buzz and fun for fans during game days. We have hundreds of guesses each game now including guess from NHL celebrities such as Tom Chorske (@hockeylogic) and other popular Twitter users. Our conversations with fans created the stress puck giveaway. A fan suggested this to the us and the team followed through. We want to continue to share our passion for the devils and help fans to be involved with events surrounding our New Jersey Team.

We have gave the fans discounted tickets and other prizes because of our access to the Devils Organization. The stands have been filled and the excitement has been great at the games. The Devils organization fully supports and helps us to achieve the ideas we and the fans bring to them.

The Greatest Thrill Ride in Sports

The playoffs bring out both the most agonizing and exhilarating feelings in fans.  You pull your hair out hoping that your team can score just that one goal to tie the game.  You have your own little silly superstitions from wearing the same jersey to wearing the same socks at every game (gross, but it happens).  But there is nothing, NOTHING, like overtime in the playoffs.

Playoff OT is so great because there’s only two feelings you have.  Absolute malaise or abundant elation.  There is no gray area.  Well, unless you were in Philly last year when Patrick Kane won the cup and he and two other teammates were the only ones that realized it right away.  That moment aside, it really is the greatest thrill ride in sports.  Nowhere in any sport can you end a game so quickly and turn a series or a end a season.  People have tried to tell me football is like that but there is so much stop and go that you don’t get the same adrenaline rush.

I’ll never forget the game that Grant Marshall ended in 2003 against the Lightning.  It was my first year with season tickets and I personally have never experienced a playoff overtime game, in person, before that year.  On TV growing up, I watched all the great endings (McKay and Broten in ’95) and the heartbreaking ones (some team that beat us in ’94).  And yes, that series had an OT in Game 2 but it was over in two and a half minutes that you never really settled into it.  This game went to three overtimes.  With the “new NHL”, if a game goes into two OTs it’s considered a marathon.  But these were the “dead puck era” days.  The times when each round and seemingly every series had at least one multi-OT game.  And this wound up being the longest multi-OT game at home in Devils history.

As each shot went off a stick I was either cowering that Marty would make the save and hope that John Grahame would whiff with his glove or it would hit someone in front and the puck would go in.  But that didn’t happen until a little after midnight.  Thank God it was  Friday night.  Watching hockey for about five hours can be draining on you.  I can’t imagine what it’s like for a player.  You may have heard the stories of IVs and oranges between OT periods.  I remember noticing fans around me taking cat naps to get through the intermissions.  What made it worse was this was before smart phones so you just had to sit there and ponder what may happen.  It was torture.  Absolute torture.  Then deep into the 3rd overtime, just when thought of “Really?!? another one?” crept into your heads, this happened….

The thing I remember most was jumping up and down out of my seat high up the Continental Airlines Arena screaming “IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER! WE DID IT!” and when my best friend Steve asked who scored I demonstratively screamed “ELIAS!”….Yeah, totally missed it.  Little did I know I was completely wrong but hey, look, sit through three OTs and see what you remember when your team scores the goal to win it and you don’t have the benefit of Doc’s amazing call.  At least they were on the same line!

Hockey playoffs are regarded as the best playoffs in sports.  And OT is the biggest reason why.  It will terrify you, make you happy.  It will make you pray.  It will put fear into your heart and give you the biggest calm after it’s over.  It definitely is the greatest thrill ride in sports.

Habs vs Bruins Game Four NHLtweetup / Viewing Party!

The Devils’ season is over, but the NHL playoffs are just beginning! What better way to enjoy them than to get together with your fellow Devils (and hockey) fans to watch some hockey!

The Devils Army will be getting together to watch Game 4 of the Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins series on Thursday, April 21st at Cryan’s Beef & Ale House in South Orange!

We will have our own private room, drink specials, and the Devils will be supplying some very cool giveaways and prizes!

If you’ve joined us for previous NHLtweetups, you know it’s always a great time. So, whether you’re a Devils fan, Habs fan, Bruins fan…or just a hockey fan in general, you’ll want to join us once again for a very fun event!

You can head on over to to RSVP for this event.

Cryan’s is located less than a block from the South Orange train station.
You can find directions to Cryan’s by clicking here.

Our Unsung Heroes

As we all know, those of us who become season ticket holders do so because we love our team, we admire our players, and we love being able to share the excitement of the season with our friends.

However, one very important group of people often go overlooked, and if not for them our experience in the arena would be very different. So,  I wanted to take a moment to thank some of our unsung heroes who work hard every day to make sure we, the fans, are taken care of every time we visit.

For my family, those heroes are the staff in the Fire Lounge. Being in the Fire Lounge every game is truly an amazing experience and not just because the food is great! We’ve come to know many of the members of the staff, and they have gone above and beyond making sure we have a great visit, every time. We are always greeted with smiles and hellos, hugs and handshakes, great conversation, and outstanding service.

From the ushers and the security guards, to the cooks and food servers, bartenders and managers, everyone is outstanding.

Doc, Chico and Steve are there broadcasting, too! They often take the time to greet fans with a friendly smile, pose for photos or sign autographs!

We love our Devils, but the staff in the Fire Lounge have truly taken our Season Ticket Experience to a level beyond what we expected it would be!


Fun For All at Fan Fest

Championship Plaza

Welcome to Championship Plaza

Saturday was one of the first nice days of Spring and it made for a great Fan Fest! Fans came out to enjoy live music, food, games and great photo opps with NJ and the Devils Army rig. There was a great crowd there, even the Montreal Canadian fans were out. Everyone, both young and not-so-young, loved taking shots at the nets and playing small pick-up games of hockey in the middle of Championship Plaza.

This Fan Fest had a unique addition, “The Tent,” where Devils fans got the opportunity to buy some pieces of Devils history. They had rare memorabilia, discounted team merchandise and team relics that came straight from the teams storage vault. Printed towels, pucks, bobble heads and even a few autographed sticks were up for grabs. These items have never been offered to the public, so if you noticed a low attendance of Devils fans out in Championship Plaza, it’s because they were all in “The Tent”!

Another Fan Fest is planned for Sunday, April 10th before our last game of the season. Game time is at 3PM so meet us out in Championship Plaza at 12:30PM to celebrate the incredible season with the rest of the Devils Army!

Playing at Fan Fest

Playing at Fan Fest

Hockey Statue

Hockey Statue in Championship Plaza

Devils Army Rig

Devils Army Rig


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