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Coaching Candidates: Kirk Muller

Kirk Muller

The Devils are still without a coach, so I will continue to spew my inane babble on who the new coach will possibly be.  Last time around I wrote about Ken Hitchcock as the new coach.  Today we will look at the case for another name widely thrown around…Kirk Muller.

Devils fans since the 80’s (present company included) will remember Muller as a cornerstone of the team at the time.  He was the first true superstar the team had in its time in NJ.  He was even captain for 4 years, leading the team to their first playoff berth in 1988 with a 94 point season as “Captain Kirk”.  After the 1991 season he was traded to Montreal for Stephane Richer and Tom Chorske.  That trade was my first experience that star players can get traded too.  That day stunk.  But the two players the Devils got in return became key cogs in the rise of the franchise in the early 90s with Richer being a goal-scoring machine.  Muller didn’t do so bad himself either winning a Cup with the Habs in 1993.  Read the rest of this entry

Coaching Candidates: Ken Hitchcock

So the Devils won the lottery and are getting 4th pick in the draft this year. Great! But we can’t forget the fact that the team still doesn’t have a coach. There have been many names floating around, so let’s talk about them. This is the first of a series of posts, so check back often!

Ken HitchcockWith the euphoria of the Devils winning the draft lottery and picking 4th (would’ve been 2nd if we had lost our final game and assured us of getting Adam Larsson…that’s another rant for another day), one question still remains. Who is gonna coach the team? Sure there is a perception in this organization that you could throw a cardboard cut-out of Toe Blake, put him behind the bench, and the Devils will win 40 games. However, I think we all have our nightmares thinking back to last year. We also don’t have the luxury of having “The Great Teacher” Jacques Lemaire coming back.  So we search, looking for a new leader to help this team get back on track after a disappointing season. Over the next couple of days I will go over the names being circulated around by fans and the media. First up, Ken Hitchcock.

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