Riveters Split Set In First Weekend Back

The Metropolitan Riveters got their first regulation win of the season on Sunday against the Connecticut Whale. But only after losing to the Boston Pride once again the night before. 

Pride goalie – Lovisa Selander – now owns a 9-0 record after the team’s tenth straight win to start the season. Victoria Hanson got the other start for the team, also claiming a win. This win happened to be the league’s only shutout.

On the other side, the Whale haven’t won a game all season nor have they won a game in a full calendar year since facing the Riveters on December 2nd of last year. What should have been an easy win for the Riveters, turned out to be a nail-bitter. 

All photos from Michelle Jay/NWHL

Game Summaries

While the box score shows that the Pride do not seem to be slowing down, this game against the Riveters proved they can be stopped. For the first time, the Pride’s opponent scored the first goal of the game. The goal – which came in the first period – was courtesy of Kate Leary and assisted by Madison Packer gave the Rivs some hope.

Unfortunately, the Pride followed it up with two goals of their own also in the same period. All-in-all, the Riveters were able to hold the Pride scoreless for about 13 minutes. That doesn’t sound impressive, but it definitely is in a season like this. 

Leary followed up with another goal, this time assisted by Anna Keys which was her first point in her first game. Boston ultimately got the win 5-2, but the Riveters were able to stay out of the penalty box which enabled them to put pressure on a team that hasn’t seen it all year. Make no mistake about it, it’s significant that they were finally able to lead the Pride. Even though it was only for a few minutes. 

Worth noting is late in the third period, Packer got an odd cross-check and left the ice prematurely. She was still in the lineup on Sunday and even collected a few points, so is is safe to say she is doing just fine.

The following day, the Riveters unfortunately didn’t look as great. While they still took the win 2-1 over the Whale, it certainly should not have been a close game. Packer got the first goal, which inched her closer to the all-time goal record. Following that, Brooke Baker got her first NWHL goal and only the fourth shorthanded goal in the league.

A big issue for the Rivs on Sunday was, per usual, was their discipline. In total, the Riveters spent almost a full 20 minutes shorthanded.

Looking Ahead

The Riveters now sit at 2-5, and fourth in the league. However, they’ve played three games fewer than everyone else. They have only played one home game so far the entire season, and four of their games have been against the Pride.  

Things are looking up for them, as they have a long stretch where they play the Whale and the just as vulnerable Buffalo Beauts. I would expect a much different look to their game given the fact they do not face the Pride as much. 

With that being said, the Riveters next game will be against the Pride on December 7th. This will be their second and final home game of the season. They will also be hosting a toy drive at the game, so if you’re headed to Monmouth Junction, bring a toy. As always, the game will be streamed on Twitch. With a little luck on their side, maybe the Riveters can make some magic happen before a much easier part of their schedule.


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  1. Tom Burke Reply

    Nice account of the Riveters contests from the busy weekend. Appreciate the high level hockey IQ. Thank you!

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