The Devils as Game of Thrones Characters

After this past week’s Game of Thrones episode, The Long Night, you probably fall in one of two groups. Either you feel like you can’t get enough Game of Thrones, or you’re being beaten over the head with it. Regardless, here’s a little extra to put you over the edge; Your favorite New Jersey Devils as Game of Thrones Characters.

Taylor Hall Is…

Daenerys Targaryen

The MVP. These two can both fly, but where Hall lights the lamp, Daenerys lights people on fire. Who knows where their teams would be without them.

Kyle Palmieri Is…

Jon Snow

The hairiest guys in Westeros/New Jersey. Work ethic unmatched, and both can capitalize better than anyone else. If you were to compare Kyle Palmieri’s laser beam wrist shot to anything, it’d probably be Jon Snow’s ability to slice people.

Andy Greene Is…


Not only do these two look alike, but they’re both seasoned veterans at this stage in their careers. Both are not what they used to be as competitors, but great leaders nonetheless.

Nico Hischier Is…


Nico Hischier and Arya Stark share a lot in common. It goes without saying that both of these two possess the clutch gene. Both underdogs always being counted out or underrated because of their size. Doesn’t matter, they still bring it every night with the same intensity and outstanding skill set.

Pavel Zacha Is…


We have not seen enough of either of these guys yet. If I were a betting man, I would bet on both Zacha and Gendry to break out in their respective roles.

Travis Zajac Is…


The loyalty is overwhelming. Zajac would die for the Devils just as Jorah would for Daenerys. The faceoff percentages don’t lie, either of these two are deadly in one-on-one combat.

Miles Wood Is…

Jaime Lannister

Pretty boy? Known to be awesome at fighting? Spends a little too much time in captivity/the penalty box? This was a layup.

Blake Coleman Is…


Despite Tormund probably having two feet on Blake Coleman, the two still kind’ve look alike. Both absolute warriors. You’re gonna tell me you’re not putting Tormund on the PK to block shots?

Jesper Bratt Is…

Brann Stark

I hate to do this to Bratt but I had no choice. Both are young, have wheels, and spend a little too much time on the IR. Bratt sees the ice as well as Bran sees random events from the past.

Damon Severson Is…

Brienne of Tarth

Nothin’ to see here, just a couple big-bodied beefcakes serving the realm. Brienne’s record protecting people is comparable to Severson’s +/- in that it’s not good. Still, both are key players dedicated to winning.

Will Butcher Is…

Podrick Payne

Pod Payne, THE bachelor of Westeros. Aside from the fact that these two kind’ve look alike, they also are becoming better and better on the battlefield. Both are smart, valuable defensive assets that can handle the stick/sword.

Cory Schneider Is…

Sansa Stark

I knew I had to pick a redhead for Schneids, and Tormund was too perfect for Blake Coleman. Cory and Sansa have both been through some wild ups and downs and had past allegiances to lesser teams. Watch out for the revenge tour.


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