Devils Beat Down Oilers

Kurtis Gabriel and Milan Lucic had a long intense fight.

Kurtis Gabriel and Milan Lucic had a long intense fight. (Photo by Ian Kucerak/Postmedia)

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The New Jersey Devils were coming into Edmonton following an embarrassing loss to the Calgary Flames. They had an absolute meltdown in the third period of that game, with Calgary scoring six goals in the last 20 minutes. With the Devils having a back-to-back and playing the Edmonton Oilers with Connor McDavid, there was concern on how the team would respond. Well, the Devils showed up and took over Rogers Place in Edmonton and may have also dealt a big blow to the Oiler’s playoff chances this season. This was a game that Edmonton needed to win, along with others down the line to make a run to the playoffs, but the Devils had other plans. They ended up walking away with the win and two points with a convincing 6-3 victory. There were many highlights and big moments during the game which can be seen in a clip at the end of this article.

Three Takeaways

Hockey fans were able to see a fight last night that is rarely seen in today’s NHL. Not that fights don’t happen, but the intensity, length, and ferociousness of two heavyweights going at each other that is rare to see in today’s NHL. Of course, this fight was between Kurtis Gabriel for the Devils and Milan Lucic for the Oilers. There were a lot of heavy blows with both players bleeding a little bit and showing a factor of why this truly is the hardest and toughest sport in the world.

There was offense throughout the game, especially for the Devils. By the end of the first period, the score was 2-2. By the end of the second period the score was 5-3 Devils and of course, the final score was 6-3. Everyone was scoring for the Devils last night. Quenneville had a goal, Severson had a goal, Agostino started off the scoring with his goal, while Rooney, Zajac, and Coleman all scored. Coleman, in particular, had a phenomenal game. McDavid reached 100 points this season but the Devils still remain the only team in the NHL McDavid has yet to score a goal against. After the game, McDavid and Coach Hitchcock echoed statements that the Oilers had overlooked the Devils and they paid the price for doing so.

Cory Schneider got another win and has continued his impressive play of late. While it is the end of a meaningless season that the Devils and their fans are wanting to end and forget, Schneider is looking good. If he can continue his play like this into next season, and Blackwood continues his development the way he has, the league may be surprised by the Devils having a top goalie tandem. Again, this relies on Schneider finally being back to the level he was at before the injuries started, and Blackwood not having a rookie flash in the pan but developing for the Devils’ future. Blackwood, unfortunately, was shelled for 9 goals against by Calgary the previous night, but the team’s play in front of him was a big reason for that.


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