You Can Help the Devils Create Their Own Beer

Benjamin Franklin once said, “God invented beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy.” We should listen to him, because after all, Ben Franklin was a Devils’ fan. Forget the fact that he lived in Philadelphia. Forget the fact that the Devils didn’t exist in 1776. Forget the fact the NHL didn’t even exist in 1776. One of our founding fathers was a huge Devils’ fan. He even wore a Scott Stevens’ jersey while signing the Declaration of Independence. Trust me, I know these things. I took a history class in college.

Well, it turns out that someone was listening to Ben Franklin. The New Jersey Devils –  announced via Twitter  – that they will be creating their own beer for the next season. Even better, fans can enter a contest and if they win they’ll earn a trip to with Devils’ alumni Grant Marshall to Magic Hat Brewery to help mix the new brew.

The move is interesting, but not entirely surprising. Craft beer is all the rage at today’s sports stadiums. Some arenas even have their own microbreweries. Gone are the days when you’d go to a sporting event, get whatever warm beer was in the stadium keg, and like it. Gosh darn millennials, these days.

As someone whose enjoyed more than their fair share of beer at Devils’ home games (I had to drown the sorrows of last season somehow, right?) I’m excited to see how this all works out. The only comment I have is if the Devils are trying to build up the team as a distinctly Jersey brand, why not use a Jersey brewery? After all, Magic Hat is based out of Vermont. However, they are a reputable name in the world of craft beer so I’m sure it will turn out just fine.

Next you have to wonder what the beer will taste like. If the beer is to be symbolic of New Jersey, I imagine hints of Pork Roll/Taylor Ham (not trying to start any fights here) along with undertones of diner coffee will suffice. And for a truly original name, may I suggest we name the brew, “You’re next.” A tribute to the immortal words of our former captain Scott Stevens.

The contest was announced on Thursday and is open now. If you’re over 21, go to the Devils twitter page for a chance to win. And if you win, take me with you.


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