Springsteen’s “Born To Run” Should Be Devils’ Next Goal Song

Prudential Center in Newark, NJ
The Prudential Center is known by most Devil fans as “The Rock”.

The Contest

There were two major things wrong with the New Jersey Devils’ goal song last year. First, and most importantly, it wasn’t played enough. Secondly, it wasn’t Bruce Springsteen.

Luckily, the Devils are allowing a fan vote to choose next year’s goal song. This is very similar to how they also held a fan contest to help brew a special beer for Prudential Center. I didn’t win that contest but considering my affinity for Mexican beers and Coors Light, it was probably for the better. Now that “Born To Run” is one of the nominees for the goal song fan vote, the Devils have a chance to right their previous wrong.

The Legend: Bruce Springsteen

Ever since the dawn of time, the great Bruce Springsteen has roamed the promise-land known as New Jersey. Before we became associated with a few fake Italians from Staten Island, he was the face of our great state. I can’t think of any way to bring two of our states’ greatest natural resources – The E-Street Band and Devils hockey – together, then by making “Born To Run” the new goal song. Sure, the Devils currently play “Glory Days” after every home win, but my adrenaline will not be nearly as high when Jack Hughes nets one of his many on Prudential Center ice.

I had a chance to meet Bruce Springsteen once. The ever-gracious Springsteen held out his hand for a handshake, but I went in for the bro-hug. Plot twist, Bruce didn’t appreciate the bro-hug, but that didn’t stop me from the warm embrace.

I remember the last Bruce Springsteen concert I went to, “The River Tour 2016″ at the Meadowlands (IT WILL NEVER BE METLIFE STADIUM TO ME, OKAY). As he sang “Jersey Girl” and fireworks went off in the distance, all I could think to myself is: “damn, I wish I was watching some Devils hockey right now.” That’s a sight that couldn’t be more “New Jersey,” of course unless Chris Christie was eating a Pork Roll/Taylor Ham (not trying to start any fights here), egg, and cheese next to me.

Unlike our politicians, Bruce Springsteen has a 100% approval rating throughout the great Garden State. If he ran for governor, I’d vote for him twice. In New Jersey, we have a word for people who don’t love our prodigal son Bruce Springsteen, and that word is wrong.

Taylor Hall giving his speech after winning the Hart Trophy
Above is a picture of Taylor Hall at the NHL Award ceremony.


Now I know what some of you are thinking. Taylor Hall announced via Twitter that his preferred song of choice in the poll is “Hip Hop Horray”. Even though I’m willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to get the great Taylor Hall to re-sign. I might have to draw the line on this one. If nothing can convince Hall to stay in New Jersey after hearing “Born To Run” blaze through a Prudential Center crowd after a goal, I don’t know what will. We’d be dealing with a lost cause (or worse, a Bon Jovi fan) at that point.

If the fans chose Springsteen, as they should, imagine the possibilities. Maybe the Devils can get even get Bruce to come out to a game, play some songs, and drop the ceremonial first puck. Oh maddone, that just might be a thought too exciting for my heart to handle.


2 comments on “Springsteen’s “Born To Run” Should Be Devils’ Next Goal Song”

  1. Michael Reply

    Resound, Rock and roll part 2!!! Bring it back, every devils fans wants it back and it will excite everyone.

  2. Mac Reply

    Amen. Bruce is the right artist for the Devils and Born to Run is a great choice . Thank you. Hope we hear it a lot this season !

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