DAB Pregame: The Nightmare is Over

Matchup Overview

It’s finally over.

Tonight’s game will probably feel relatively bittersweet for all of us. While the worst season of New Jersey Devils hockey in over 30 years comes to a much-needed end, tonight will also be the last time we’ll see Devils hockey for the next six months. Yes, the playoffs start next weekend but it’s not the same when your team isn’t in it.

You can’t overlook the greater historical significance of tonight’s matchup against the equally-abysmal Detroit Red Wings. While I’m sure many Devils fans will woefully lavish at the aspect of seeing this dismal season conclude, we should all be humbled that our hockey team has the privilege of sharing a very historical moment with the Red Wings organization- the last game at Joe Louis Arena.

The “Joe” has been the Red Wings home for over 37 years, during which the organization established some of its greatest memories. The Red Wings won four Stanley Cups, had legends like Steve Yzerman and Niclas Lidstrom play out their entire careers, and made 25 consecutive playoff appearances.

The Devils will play in the final game at Joe Louis Arena. -Getty Images

Standings Watch

Moving onto tonight, the Devils are 1-3-0 in the month of April going into tonight’s matchup. The Devils can’t finish higher than 27th in the league standings, but could drop to 28th depending on what happens tonight. A regulation win will cement the Devils in the 27th overall spot. Last night’s loss for the Arizona Coyotes assured they can’t finish above the Devils in the standings, having played out their season and finishing with 70 points. Since the Devils have a game in hand and one more regulation plus overtime win (ROW), they can’t finish below Arizona.

The Vancouver Canucks currently sit 29th overall in the league standings, and play their final game of the season against the Edmonton Oilers. With 69 points, the Canucks can leapfrog the Coyotes and Devils (if they lose in regulation) with a win over the Oilers, which would put the Devils at 28th overall. If the Devils and Canucks are tied in points after tonight, Vancouver would still move above the Devils since they have more ROWs.

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Where to Watch

MSG +2 (Local)

FS-D (Detroit)


When to Watch

5:00pm EST


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