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As many may know, the legalization of sports betting is taking America by storm. After it was legalized in New Jersey, the Devils decided to get in on the action. They did so by partnering with bookmaker William Hill. With this partnership, the Devils opened up a sportsbook at The Prudential Center. In order to give you, the fans, the competitive advantage, we here at Devils Army Blog are also planning to get in on the action. To do so we are proud to announce the debut of the “DAB: Bardown Bets.”


The mission of the newly established “DAB: Bardown Bets” is to supply fans with knowledgeable opinions to give them the edge in their betting ways. To do so we’ll release a list of picks made by a roundtable assembled by Devils Army Blog members. These releases will be around noon every day the Devils have a game.

Each post will contain the picks of the three members of the round table and the picks of a “guest” member. There will be three picks: a lock pick, a value pick, and a Devils pick. The description of each is below:

Lock: The pick each member determines to be an almost guaranteed winner will be their “lock” pick for the night.

Value: The pick each member determines to be of the most value to a better will be their “value” pick. This pick is almost always going to appear as an upset to the naked eye, as that’ll be the way to make the most money in a bet.

Devils: Each member of the roundtable will also pick the Devils game for that day/night, this will be their “Devils” pick.

Each individual roundtable member’s lifetime record will be included in the different editions of “DAB: Bardown Bets.” This will give the fans a better understanding of how reliable our picks really are. A more in-depth description of our members can be found below.

The Roundtable Members

Anthony Barberio

Hello Devils fans, my name is Ant Barberio, better known as the Italian Stallion. I’ve been with Devils Army Blog for the past few months, and I’m a watcher of hockey, drinker of beer and teller of jokes. When I’m not writing about hockey and sports betting, I’ll most likely be doing stand up comedy, so sorry in advance for the bad jokes (unless you like them, then you’re welcome). You can catch me as the future poster child for “1-800 gambler” ads.

Matt McCrohan

Hello, my fellow hockey fans. My name is Matt McCrohan and I have been a member of the DAB since its infancy. I’m a Devils fan first, hockey fan second and have logged many hours tuning into games across the league, watching the NHL Network for news around the league, and keeping up with league news across social media platforms. My favorite bet is the money line: pick the winner and watch the bankroll grow. Time to make some money.

James Villani

Hi folks, my name is James Villani and I’ve been a member of Devils Army Blog for three years now. I am an avid Devils fan and spend many hours watching NHL hockey, even when the Devils aren’t playing. I currently serve as a writer and updater for DAB. Hopefully, my picks make you some cash!

Key Terms

We at Devils Army Blog understand that sports gambling is an expensive endeavor. To help further extend the knowledge of our followers, we are supplying a full list of key terms that may be useful when placing your bets.

Future bets: In order to make a future bet, the individual must be willing to be patient. A future bet is made, as the name implies, well before the event you are betting on. The most common type of future bet is picking a Stanley Cup winner at the beginning or during the regular season. Odds for future bets usually hold high value. Other examples of future bets would be who will win MVP? Or who will win the Metropolitan Division?

For instance, before the 2018-19 season started the New Jersey Devils were 40/1 odds (+40000).

Money-line: The money-line in sports betting is utilized when betting on the matchup straight up. This is the easiest form of betting and can be described as “pick ‘em.” Each team in a matchup is given odds to win the game, these odds are the money-line.

For instance, if the Devils are playing the Rangers, and the Devils are given -300 odds as the money-line, they are considered heavy favorites to win. If the Rangers are given +350 odds as the money-line to win the same matchup, they are considered heavy underdogs.

Odds: Many certainly have heard the terms “odds” before, but many do not know how to read them. Usually, they’ll be listed with a minus or a plus, followed by a number in the hundreds. The odds that are listed with a minus indicate the favorites, while the odds indicated with a plus are the underdog. The greater the number after the symbols indicates a greater favorite or underdog.

For instance, if the Devils are given -150 odds in the game, they are the favorites. The interpretation of these odds is to win $100 you need to bet $150. On the flip side, if the New York Rangers are listed as +275 in a matchup, they are the heavy underdogs. The interpretation of these odds is if you bet $100 you win $275.

Over/Under: The over/under is a pretty simple sports betting term. The over/under is always set in terms of goals. Individuals who bet on the over/under take odds on if the total goals scored in a contest between two teams are below (UNDER) or above (OVER) the predetermined number.

For instance, if the over/under on the Devils vs. Rangers game is 5.5 goals, individuals will have the opportunity to take the odds for the OVER or the UNDER (each will have different listed odds). If the goal total in the game is five, then the UNDER wins. If the goal total is seven then the OVER wins.

Parlay: A parlay is a group of picks that when all made at the same time results in a larger winning. Parlays can come in various forms and provide a lot of value to the bettor.

For instance, picks of Devils (-110) against the Penguins, Stars (-105) against the Jets, and Red Wings (+250) against the Flames on the same bet would net a lot more money in comparison to just one bet straight up.

Puck-line: The puck-line in hockey is a slang term for the spread. However, in hockey, the puck-line or spread is almost always the same. For almost every game in the NHL, the puck-line will be 1.5 goals. That means if you take the puck line for a team, depending on the case, that team will either need to lose by a goal or win by two or more goals for your bet to win.

For instance, if the Devils are given -200 odds on a -1.5 puck-line, this means they are strongly favored to successfully beat whoever they are playing by two or more goals. If the Rangers are given +200 odds on a +1.5 puck-line, this means they are heavy underdogs to successfully beat whomever they are playing by two or more goals.

Prop bets: Prop bets are an interesting style of sports betting. These bets are centered around a certain situation that’ll occur in-game. Examples range from goaltender save percentage, over/under on goals a line will produce, or simply who will win the second period alone. Each situation has their own unique odds.

For instance, if the line of Hall-Hischier-Palmieri has -200 odds for scoring OVER two or more total points in the game, they are heavily favored to score at least two or more points as a line. If that same line is given +175 odds for scoring UNDER two or more total points in the game, they are pretty heavy underdogs to do so.


We at Devils Army Blog are thrilled about the opportunity and debut of our “DAB: Bardown Bets.” We love our fans and are extremely thankful to give back to you. We hope that “DAB Bardown Bets” will do just that and provide fans with useful feedback and incite in their betting endeavors. Please feel free to contact us with any recommendations or concerns with our new feature.

IMPORTANT: Must be 21 or older to gamble. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-522-4700


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