Blues vs. Bruins: The Ultimate Victory Song Matchup

Play Gloria!

After the St. Louis Blues punched their ticket to the Stanley Cup Final, Blues fans across the country were all thinking one thing: “Play Gloria!” The song “Gloria” by Laura Branigan became their victory song the day after a night out in Philadelphia, and it has since caught on, especially with the late season success of the Blues.

From CBS Sports: Why ‘Gloria’ by Laura Branigan has become the Blues’ goal song and so much more for its fans this postseason

Now that they’ve made it to the Stanley Cup, the song has obviously grown more popular, with one St. Louis radio station running the song for 24 hours after the Blues defeated the Sharks.

The Bruins’ Victory Tune

What the Blues don’t know, is that they’re running into a team with another heavyweight win song. The Boston Bruins have been playing the song “Dirty Water” by the Standells since 1991. I noticed this while watching the Bruins’ Game 1 win over the Blue Jackets when the song erupted in TD Garden after Charlie Coyle’s overtime goal.

Made in 1965, this song became a Boston classic, especially with the recent success of the Boston Red Sox, who also use it as their victory celebration.

This got me to thinking, as a New Jersey Devils fan, why don’t we have something like “Gloria” or “Dirty Water?” Surely the team has one that they blast in the locker room after games, but shouldn’t there be one for fans alike? Chicago Blackhawks fans will tell you being able to sing “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis after wins is one of the best parts of being a fan.

How to Pick a Victory Song

When picking a victory song, it seems the key for it to catch on is fans being able to yell the chorus. When the Devils made their cup run in 2012, their win song was Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part II,” and it was electric. Because when New Jersey scored, and you heard that guitar, you knew it was appropriate to yell “Hey, You Suck!” The same as chanting “Gloria” for Blues fans or “Boston, you’re my home” for Bruins fans. Devils’ fans didn’t pretend to be the class of the NHL, refraining from yelling “You Suck” at a hockey game. But, if you’ve ever googled Gary Glitter, you know why things have since changed. Now the Devils’ use “Howl” by Gaslight Anthem, which sounds like a song that only profited off of being in the NHL 10 video game soundtrack. Still, if the Devils want a new victory song, it can’t be forced onto New Jersey fans. This is something that has to happen organically for everyone to jump on board, like it did with “Gloria.” So I’ll open it up to the fans… What do you think the Devils’ victory song should be?


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