Food Around the Pru

Garlic Fries, Prudential Center

Garlic fries with a tequila & tonic in the Goal Bar

It’s only May, but I already miss being at The Prudential Center with my friends, watching my favorite team take the ice. Silly as it sounds, thinking of hockey got me thinking of my game day rituals, which got me thinking about my favorite food and treats inside the Prudential Center. It also reminded me of some of the great places that surround The Rock that my friends and I would meet prior to or after games and hang out.

On game days, it’s hard for me to resist the BBQ pulled pork sandwich, which comes with fresh, home made chips, cole slaw and a pickle. It’s my absolute favorite thing to treat myself to at Prudential Center. As for places to hang out, I’ve occasionally met friends at the Edison Ale House, located just behind Championship Plaza. The last time I was there, I enjoyed a plate of their Chili Cheese Fries, which I definitely recommend sharing with a friend! The portion was gigantic (and delicious).

To spice things up and show the great variety surrounding our home arena, I asked my fellow Generals to share their favorite treats and meeting places, too. I’ve learned about a few new places from them that I think I have to go visit. This is what they had to say:

Kevin Martinez: “I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but I do love how you can get sushi at the arena. I don’t know of any other sports venue that serves sushi.”

Diane Kuhn: “I skip the food and go right for dessert…need to have my vanilla Rita’s with chocolate sprinkles at every home game.”

Chrissy Baptista: “1. Nathan’s curly fries with the sauce trifecta: Franks Red Hot, BBQ & Ketchup. Side of cheese if you’re feeling brave that day. 2. Turkey Panini – allow some extra time for this one, perfection can’t be rushed. 3. Rita’s Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles – needs no explanation. 4. Corned Beef, because you can never go wrong with corned beef, usually.”

Kathie Roth-Johnson: “Garlic fries with a tequila & tonic in the Goal Bar!”

Jennifer Sentivan Thompson: “Whatever the daily special is up at the Goal Bar (with a gin and tonic) or the pulled pork sandwich.”

Kevin Lankey: “The Popcorn at Penn Station.”

Carlos Figueiredo: “Mulberry Pizza is my favorite spot!”

Seth Plotnick: “My favorite place is Starbucks inside Gateway Center. I go there when I take the train to the game. I always get a caramel macchiato.”

Tim Joyce: “The best pre or post-game place is Tops Diner in East Newark. It’s a quick 5 minute drive away from the arena and it’s the best diner within a 10 mile radius.”

Jaime Grater: “Outside of the arena: good burgers, beer towers, great price – Hell’s Kitchen. Sit down decent Italian Meal – Francesca’s – portion sizes are great for the prices and the Garlic Bread is out of this world! I would also add Hobby’s to the list. Great sandwiches and the guys are huge Devils fans.”

Steven Becker: “I second Jaime’s post. And Tim’s too. The club seat offerings are usually pretty good, too!”

Friends, hockey, food… is it October yet? What are some of your favorite meeting spots and game day treats?

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