Player Appreciation Night – Thursday, April 25th

One of the things I have always loved is hearing players say in their post game interviews how much they appreciate the support of their fans. Whenever one of the guys comes out and says they hear us cheering, it makes me feel like all the time spent at the arena, all the days I lost my voice, or clapped until my arms were sore was worth it.

So, even though Thursday, April 25th against the Penguins is “Fan Appreciation Night”, I thought it would be fun for us fans to make it a “Player Appreciation Night.” I know our fans are dedicated. I know that we will stand by these guys win or lose. For one night, I thought it would be amazing to show everyone on the ice, everyone watching on TV, everyone everywhere that we mean it.


A few weeks back I made a simple sign.

We <3 New Jersey Devils

A fellow fan and friend of mine really enjoyed it, and made the same exact sign to take with her to a road game. Which got me thinking how fun it would be to see that simple statement repeated throughout the entire stadium. What kind of impression would THAT give our players?

So, I invite everyone who wants to participate to copy this design and bring it to the game on Thursday, April 25. Let’s show, not just our team, but ALL of the NHL why the New Jersey Devils have the BEST fans in all of hockey!

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