A Closer Look at The Newest Devil: Matt D’Agostini

The Newest Devil

As not only a New Jersey Devils fan, but also a Devils blogger, I usually don’t react too quickly to the news of acquiring a new player. I like to look at numbers, and get some feedback. However, when I heard that the Devils had acquired Matt D’Agostini, I was pretty excited even before getting some feedback.

I’ve heard the name Matt D’Agostini for a while now, not because he’s exactly a high-scoring sniper, but there are certain guys on some teams that stand out.  Guys that fans seem to love when they watch them play every game, even if they’re not lighting the lamp that often.

Of course, when a trade is made, one of the first things people are going to look at are the numbers. D’Agostini’s numbers, at least this season, are not that impressive.

However, let me take you back just to just short time ago… to the time when Steve Bernier was signed after being invited to camp.

Bernier, who has never scored more than 15 goals or 32 points in a single NHL season, wasn’t thought to be much of an addition. Would you miss him now?

Let me take you back to the time Ryan Carter, who has already set a career high this season with 10 points, was acquired. “Who the hell is this guy?!?” was something that was shouted from the Devils’ fan mountaintop.

Would he be missed now?

Building a successful NHL hockey team is not about loading up your team with four potent scoring lines. Can you win that way? Possibly, but it’s unlikely. You need a line like Bernier-Gionta-Carter. Devils fans, especially, should know this.

You need guys like D’Agostini who, by the way, had 21 goals and 46 points in 2010-11 for the Blues and is still just 26 years old.

What did the Devils give up to get a guy like that? Nothing. That’s right… nothing. A conditional (4th or 5th round) draft pick is nothing until the player is selected. That player won’t even be selected until 2015. Oh, and the Devils got a 7th round pick back, so they basically moved down 2-3 rounds to get an NHL player.

That deep into the draft, you would be very lucky to get a guy that will play for you in the NHL, and even luckier to get a guy with some potential, even if it’s small, to help your team.

D’Agostini is that type of player.

From the outside looking in, it’s sometimes easy to look at only the good (or, in the case of lots of Devils’ fans, only the bad) from a player that was just acquired, so I asked a few St Louis Blues bloggers and fans, people that have seen him play for the last few years, what Devils’ fans can expect from him.

Here is (some of) the feedback I got in return:

Jason Jones ( @Jason_Jar on Twitter )-

“Everybody loves him, he can spark the team with a fight or a hit at any time. He didn’t play much because he didn’t have a true role with the Blues. And he’s very, very quick and hungry for the puck.”

Laura ( @hildymac ), Site Manager at St. Louis Game Time & Thrashing The Blues, and Associate Editor At Puck Drunk Love & SBNation St. Louis-

“I think D’Ags will help out with the scoring for you guys once he gets comfortable in his role. He had a clearly defined role in St. Louis a few seasons ago, and he went great guns. As his role has become murkier, he’s dropped off. I think if DeBoer tells him what to do, he’ll be fine.”

Alex Hodschayan ( @BleedinBlueBlog ), Editor at BleedinBlue.com-

“Matt D’Agostini is a skilled guy who can really shoot the puck. He has a great set of hands, but his true asset is his speed on the ice. He had some trouble fitting into the Blues lineup due to his smaller size and weak play along the boards, but he can be a true asset. For what the Devils sent to the Blues, this is a low risk high reward scenario and I would make that trade any day of the week if I was the Devils’ GM. Expect a slow start as he has been off of his game this season, but once he gets rolling he could put up some decent numbers.”

And here are the thoughts of my friend David Rogers, Staff Writer for Awful Announcing, and Managing Editor of Puck Drunk Love, Awful Ads, and the St. Louis Blues blog Frozen Notes

Matt D’Agostini traded to the New Jersey Devils.

The more I read these comments and thoughts from fans of the Blues, one thing kept coming to mind: he sounds like a Devil already.

He sounds like the type of guy that is acquired in your typical under-the-radar move from Lou Lamoriello (Loktionov anyone?).

He sounds like he has the potential to be another Ryan Carter or Steve Bernier for a playoff push, and hopefully beyond.

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