5 Things I Learned in Hartford

With more NHL games canceled it was time to make my way to another AHL game. Last month I went to the Times Union Center in Albany to watch the Devils at home, so this time I decided to head into enemy territory – Hartford, Connecticut. Here are a few things I learned from the XL Center and the Connecticut Whale.

1. Corner seats are pretty amazing.
Since AHL tickets are more affordable then tickets to any NHL game, I’ve been taking advantage and sitting right on the glass. I know, I know, you can’t see a thing that close but I rarely have a chance to sit in these seats at the Prudential Center so I’m going for it while I can. For this game I tried corner seats and they were awesome! You get to be right up there for all the corner battles and big hits. You can hear the puck sliding along the boards at your feet and come face to face with pucks that are shot wide. I may or may not have jumped up a couple times thanks to high flying pucks.

Albany Devils at Connecticut Whale

2. Hot dogs were no where near as good as at the Times Union Center.
The Times Union Center in Albany had the best hot dogs I’ve ever had at an arena. Ever. The XL Center hot dogs fell short, way short. In their defense, it was Dollar Dog night so it’s probably a bad night to judge. What does a dollar hot dog at an AHL game look like? Exactly how you think it would. My advice is to avoid the hot dogs on Dollar Dog night.

3. A whale mascot costume is pretty difficult to pull off.

Pucky, Connecticut Whale

4. Connecticut Whale fans like to fist pump more than anyone in Jersey. 
Any time there was a stoppage the time was filled with a classic Jersey fist pump. I know it’s a love/hate thing, but it definitely made me feel right at home. They also had a good wave going which is always fun.

5. The Devils/Rangers rivalry also lives in Connecticut.
We were really happy to see a good number of Devils fans at the game, but the Ranger/Whale fans were not. The taunting was not limited to fans. The Whale mascot, Pucky, got involved too. Pucky loves to dance around Devils’ fans in the crowd after a Whale goal. Thanks to the Albany win, we were the ones who got the last dance.

Albany Devils at Connecticut Whale

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