NJ Devils NHL Alums v. NJC Coach’s “War to Restore NJ” Benefit Hockey Game

NJ Devils Alumni vs NJ Colonials Coaches

Ladies and gentlemen we have us some hockey! Tomorrow night at 7 P.M. Ken Daneyko, Bruce Driver, John MacLean and Sergei Brylin will team up with head coach Peter DeBoer to take on the New Jersey Colonials Coaching Staff at Mennen Arena in Morristown. This is going to be a benefit game to support those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

As Devils fans we know who our cherished alumni are, but if you don’t have kids involved in youth hockey you may not be familiar with the New Jersey Colonials. The New Jersey Colonials are a youth travel hockey organization celebrating 40 years of skating at a highly competitive level. Their Hockey Directors have assembled a winning staff of coaches who have taken their teams to States, Districts and National Championships and have competed for some of the most prestigious Cups in youth hockey.

Here is the line-up of the New Jersey Colonials coaches for the NJ Devils NHL Alums v. NJC Coach’s “War to Restore NJ” game.

In Goal:

Kevin Bendle - U Mass
Al Loges – University of Michigan


Matt Mallgrave – Harvard
Rob Laferriere - Boston College
Mike Cornell - Colgate
Dave Andrechuk – Brown
Mike Yurchuk - Montreal
Herman Kurz – Bentley College
Noel Rubin - SUNY Oswego/Sweden Husum 1st Division
Eric Greene - SUNY Plattsburgh
Jim Gilleece - John Jay


Nick Rolls – SUNY Plattsburgh
Jim Mackey - Yale University
Sean Curry - Connecticut College
Todd Drevitch - U Mass
Ryan Hughes - Cornell

Looks like this game could go either way but shh……you didn’t hear that from me. Details to the event are provided here.

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