Summing Up The Season: The Best Is Yet To Come

From missing the playoffs in 2010-2011, to making it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2011-2012, there’s no shortage of things for us Devils fans to be proud of after this season. On the ice and off the ice, this has been one of the most thrilling seasons for me. Whether it was work, school, or family, no matter what was troubling me on a daily basis, I knew I could go home, turn on the Devils game and everything would be alright.

When I sit back and try to think of a favorite highlight from this season, a few come to mind.

Kovalchuk’s March 8th hat trick in a 5-1 win over the Islanders was definitely my favorite of the regular season. A game I sat down to watch civilly with my father (an old-time Islanders fan) ended with a glorious amount of gloating on my end.

THEY SCORE! HENRIQUE! IT’S OVER!Adam Henrique scores against Rangers, Eastern Conference Finals

Now don’t tell me you haven’t heard that before. Taking out the Rangers was huge for all Devils fans, and especially sweet for me, being a diehard Devils fan living deep in enemy territory. Rangers fans in my neighborhood won’t forget it any time soon, that’s for sure.

My favorite memory of all has to be watching almost every playoff game with my father and niece (who recently declared herself a Penguins fan, but let’s not get into that). Besides that triumphant Devils victory over the Islanders, my dad hasn’t watched hockey in quite a long time. But over the past two months, if you were looking for him on a given night around 8PM, he was probably on the couch watching the Devils game. Chances are, I was right there next to him. The combination of quality time and high-quality hockey is something that’s hard to beat, and it made these playoffs very special for me.

To sum it up, this was an amazing season. The boys on the ice proved that, even though they were doubted, they’re still s huge force to be reckoned with.
The Devils Army proved to the rest of the hockey world what faithful and classy fan-base we are, second to none.

All of this being said, I still can’t help but feel that the best is yet to come.

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  1. This was a blast to watch all year! From retiring #27, to our road trip to Montreal (we represented NJ well!), to Henrique’s winning goal! Henrique’s goal was by far my favorite moment, and it was an unbelievable feeling beating the rags like that! I’ve watched thr replay 1,000 times! Go Devils!

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