Summing Up The Season: I’m Watching the Game

Fan's first jersey!“Hey Chrissy, what are you doing tonight?”

“Watching the Devils game.” 

Whether I was in a seat at Prudential Center or on a bar stool, I was watching the game. Even while on a family vacation, I (and a handful of other Devils fans) made their way to the sports bar on a cruise ship to watch a few games of the finals against the LA Kings in the middle of the Atlantic. The Devils took over my life this past season, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I finally got my first jersey – I know, I know what took me so long?! Truth is, I was waiting for the perfect time and this year was it. At the start of the season I got my first jersey – a red Zach Parise with a gorgeous C on the top left. (I like to say the “C” is for Chrissy.) My second came halfway through the season, a red Adam Henrique – I’m pretty proud of this one for obvious reasons. These became staples to my wardrobe along with all the red I wore underneath them on game days. I also got really superstitious this season, my Parise t-shirt got a lot of wear while poor Elias got no lovin’.

On the edge of her seat!The Devils have taken over my house and nearly everyone in my immediate family is a fan now. My mom started watching the games from home and after bringing her to a couple of games she got hooked!  She watches nearly every game she can and cheers for Kovalchuk, who she won’t admit to having a crush on. And she was smitten when she got to meet Ken Daneyko and had him sign the back of her Kovy shirt. There was always a Devils game on and by the time the playoffs rolled around, my soccer loving, Portuguese-speaking grandfather would ask us how the team was doing.

I also brought my younger cousins who are six and seven to a couple of games and they won’t stop asking me to take them to more. They want all the promo give-aways I get and loved that I had a mess of rally towels for them. They even have jerseys! One of my favorite moments is seeing the reaction on JT’s (seven-year-old) face the first time he saw a goal being scored. We were in section 21 and Larsson scored on the other end of the ice – I completely missed it. I asked him who scored and his eyes lit up, “Number 5, Larsson!” Larsson is about to really make his way into my life.

The ultimate Devils life-invasion was on November 11, 2011. My boyfriend proposed and we were engaged! After my mushy girl emotions were over, what did we do? We went to the Devils game and watched Larsson score his first goal. It’s a night Larsson and I will never forget.

Being a younger Devils Army member, this was the first time I got to watch the Devils make their way to the Stanley Cup Finals – literally. I was at the game when the Devils eliminated the Rangers and became the Eastern Conference Champions – and it was pretty incredible! I have never experienced anything like that. The stands erupted, and even though I was nearly tossed over the edge of section 211 while everyone slammed into each other with excitement, it was a great moment to be a part of. After that I found myself at the Rock for the Stanley Cup Finals – what? Insane. I never thought I’d be such a big fan of a team but I could not be prouder of the Devils and of being a member of the Devils Army.

Eastern Conference Champions

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