Summing Up The Season: Devils Fans to Devils Army

Devils Army Meet & GreetHow do I even begin? This season has been unbelievable. This team has far exceeded my expectations for the year. Individual players have blown me away with their displays of talent. Coach Pete Deboer and the rest of the coaching staff have really out done themselves, taking a group of guys who seemed lost and unable to perform as a unit a little over a year ago, and turning them into a true TEAM. Lou, brilliant as always, seems to have collected all the right players, with all the right talents and attitudes to make the system WORK.

Above all, this true team mentality seems to have shifted over into our fan base. What strikes me as most memorable this year is how TOGETHER this Devils Army has become. During the playoffs, we made OUR house the intimidating place to play! More than ever we came together as fans and made our presence KNOWN. This team truly KNEW that we had their backs in this effort. The atmosphere during the playoffs was absolutely incredible.

I could write a book about this season, but I promise to keep it short.

Devils Army Meet & GreetEver since my Dad got our family season tickets, the hardest part about the season ending is that I miss the people at the arena. Don’t get me wrong! I miss the excitement of the game. I miss debating everything there is to debate about the game play. I miss the sounds, the smell and the atmosphere of game day at the arena. The Rock has really become a second home, and I feel a bit lost knowing I won’t be back for a few months. But the PEOPLE I have come to know over the course of the past year (and then some) are really the best part of the entire experience as a fan and as a season ticket holder.

I can’t thank the staff at the Prudential Center enough for all their outstanding service. I am touched to say that many of them have become like family to me. One of the hardest things during Game 5 of the Finals was trying to find and say goodbye to all the staff members I became closest with, just in case there wasn’t a Game 7. (I’m glad I did, since there wasn’t).

Kim and ChicoI miss talking to Steve, Doc and Chico, too. I was fortunate to have Fire Lounge tickets for two seasons in a row, so I had many great opportunities to speak with all three of them. They taught me a lot, were extremely kind and accommodating and I have a great deal of care and respect for them.

And what would game day be without my friends? I can’t say thank you enough to my fellow Generals and fellow fans. I think the photos I’m including with this post say it all. I have never felt more amazing or been surrounded by such a caring and wonderful group of people. Thank you for being my friends. Because of all of you, becoming a Devils fan has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life. And to those of you out there I haven’t met, yet, when I’m at the arena, you’re always welcome to say hello!

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  1. Great blog. Wouldn’t mind adding my red jersey to the photo. Or my blogs (there are now two). Gotta expand the fan base, that is the ONLY way to improve the team’s economics and avoid becoming the next Phoenix Coyotes disaster.

    • Thank you! Next time you see us all gathered around, feel free to join in :) When I’m at the games, if the group is going to meet, we do it during 1st intermission in the Digital Zone. All are always welcome, and if anyone wants a photo, you can usually get a bunch of people to oblige ;) if we’re planning a photo op, I usually make some sort of facebook “event” for it to help spread the word!

      • thanks just saw your comment. where exactly is the Digital Zone, which concourse (upper, lower), which side? I sit in Section 16 just below where the Devils Dancers do their thing unless NBC Sports and CBC invade.

        I am really new to WordPress, my wife knows much more about it than me. i have been using Google’s e-blogger for awhile tho

        I assume that I follow you on FB, but if you want to follow me, look up Eric Weis and see what happens. Remember, only one s.

        thanks and go devs

      • Eric, Thanks for your reply! I apologize for not answering you sooner! The Digital Zone is located just outside the Fire Lounge, by section 18. There is a mural of Marty on the wall where I usually arrange for everyone to meet, so I hope you can join us sometime. :) I did try to search for you as you asked, but there are a loooooot of people that share your name, so this was the only way I could think to respond! Thanks, and I hope you have had a wonderful summer!

  2. I think I saw you wearing the Moose hat one day when I was unhappy over something (possibly it was the time I was forced to bring a relative who annoys and embarrasses me to the Devils game) and I saw you and gave you a “fuck yeah, awesome hat!” head nod.

    • I do also have a Moose hat (and a unicorn hat), so that is possible! Thanks for the nod and I hope the rest of the game was better for you (or that at least your guest behaved for you!)

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