Just Say No To Orange!

Our boys play the Flyers on Thursday and Sunday of next week at The Rock. There is no doubt that these games will be sold out. There is also no doubt that there will be a fair share of Flyers fans at these games. Being only 90 miles apart, it’s a short trip up the turnpike to see some road hockey and Flyers fans have been known to travel well. But there’s one thing they need to get in…tickets. This is where you guys come in. There’s 2 objectives you all have:

1. If you haven’t already purchased tickets to the games next week, what are you waiting for? Seriously. Here….click this! And if you have them already, can’t wait to see you guys there.

2. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT ONE!!! If by some chance, you cannot make a game and you need to resell or give away your tickets, make sure they go to a Devils fan!! These games will sell out quick and maybe someone you know who was shut out of getting tickets and would love to go! Do NOT sell them if they plan on wearing orange to the game. Their team only plays 90 miles away. If they want to see them, they can make the hour and a half ride down in their building. There is even a Facebook group where Devils fans buy and sell tickets to each other at face value. They immediately delete any posts that ask for more than face value of the ticket. Check that place out too.

The Rock is OUR HOUSE!! Those that were fortunate to have been there for all 3 games know how loud our arena got. It was the loudest I personally have heard it since Game 2 against the same Flyers in 2010. We brought it BIG TIME last round. Now let’s bring it even more this round. We are ALL incredibly passionate and we love our team just as much as Flyers fans do. Will they be in our house more than Panthers fans were? Yes. We cannot stop that completely. And they will be boisterous as well. But you can do your part to “Say No To Orange”. Plus you’re helping out a fellow Devils fan. And you’ll feel better about that inside.

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  1. Great post! This needs to be said! I’ll never forget how I felt 2 years ago when they clinched and I watched Flygirls fans rip up our towels. Never again! Step up and be loud! go Devils!!

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