New Jersey Devils Goal Celebrations – Let’s Kovy!

Devils Army Kovy-ing

Planking… Owling… Tebowing… Back in January, we were talking about these latest trends around the internet and wondering what kind of fun we could have with them. Somehow, we didn’t think the engineers would find it amusing if we wanted to climb atop the score board for an “owling” shot, planking was losing it’s pizazz, and who WASN’T Tebowing? Other NHL players had already been spotted posing like Tim Tebow after they scored a goal.

We wanted to make something of our own! Perry came up with the idea of Kovy-ing, but we didn’t want to leave out the rest of our talented and hard working players. So, we decided to call it a “Goal Celebration Pose.”

However, before we could even get the word out, fans all over the place started the trend all on their own. Some starting “Kovy-ing,” others making internet memes with the words “Parise-ing.”

Since Kovalchuk is one of my favorite players, I jumped on the Kovy bandwagon and created a poster to bring to a game with me encouraging other fans to start “Kovy-ing.” For many games now, I have been hosting Facebook events to meet up with fellow fans. Everyone is welcome to join us during the first intermission in the Digital Zone. In honor of the special occasion we decided to do a group goal celebration and Andrew, our resident photographer, got a great shot of us all Kovy-ing!

So show us what you’ve got Devils Army! Who’s your favorite player and what’s the best goal celebration that you’ve seen? Submit your photos of you doing a “Goal Celebration” for us to include in the Devils Army Submissions album of the main NHL Devils page!

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  1. When the Devs famously started a mind-blowing rally for the playoffs last year, Kovy’s celebrations became increasingly more powerful. I hope he never stops celebrating like a warrior.

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