Devils to host 2nd annual ‘DECA Sports Marketing Night’

Last year, the New Jersey Devils held their first annual DECA Sports Marketing Night atPrudential Center.  It was the conclusion of a sports marketing competition that was open to high school and college students months before.  I had the privilege of being selected as the winner of the competition, and so I was able to attend the sports marketing seminar hosted at the Prudential Center.  While the competition will not take place this year, the seminar will return as part of Sports Marketing Night at the Rock, sponsored by DECA, the business-marketing program for students.

Sports marketing is one of the fastest-growing and most popular fields of study amongst high school and college students today.  Due to the emergence of social media, importance of marketing and overall increase in sports popularity in North America, it is an extremely competitive and very difficult field to succeed in right now.  It seems that everyone who is interested in the field is searching for a way to get their “foot in the door” with their favorite professional sports team, but that can be easier said than done.  So how can the Devils help aspiring sports marketing students?

Last year, the Devils invited the competition’s three finalists, as well as other participants, to attend a sports marketing seminar, in which select Devils and Prudential Center executives would speak as part of a panel, describing their path to their careers.  They explained their collegiate studies as well as internships and first experiences in the sports business industry and then described the jobs that they had before coming to the Devils (some of them worked across the river for the New York Rangers!).  After each of them had the chance to speak, they opened up the panel for a Q&A session.  Following the seminar, they offered information regarding internship opportunities involving the Devils and the Prudential Center.

I genuinely enjoyed the entire day last year.  I thought it was a well-planned event and something that I certainly got a lot out of, and I would take the liberty of saying that most people who attended felt the same way.  I was able to assess myself and the path I envision for myself and compare it to current executives who have already experienced success in the sports business industry.  It was unique opportunity that I enjoyed and am glad the organization offered to me.

Well, you might be able to see where this is going.  The Devils are once again hosting Sports Marketing Night.  There will be a seminar/Q&A session at the arena at 4:30 PM on Thursday, March 15th when the Devils host the Colorado Avalanche.  The Devils are offering a special $35 package, which includes a ticket in the 100-level of the arena for the game, access to the seminar at 4:30 with Devils sales and marketing representatives as well as a Devils souvenir and a $10 food and beverage card (it’s also $1 hot dog night, so you could order 10 hot dogs if you really wanted to).  For complete information about the event, check out the flyer below.  I hope to see you there.

DECA Sports Marketing Night

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