Devils Army Far and Wide: Petter Carnbro from Sweden

Devils Army Far and Wide, International Fan Petter CarnbroToday we want to introduce you to Petter Carnbro. Petter was born in 1985 and grew up in a small town on the west coast of Sweden. In the early/mid 1990s, hockey cards were all the rage amongst the kids there and of course Petter was one of them. He started collecting and as everyone was choosing a team, he, for reasons unknown, chose the Devils. He believes his reason for choosing the Devils was the logo and the fact that they had some success in the seasons leading up to their first Stanley Cup in 1995.

Back in 1995, watching games was next to impossible in Sweden. His primary ways to follow the Devils was by watching occasional highlights on TV, or catch the results via newspaper or teletext. Nevertheless, he has stuck with the team through the years and when he went to college and got access to high speed internet, his interest really took off.

Petter’s current favorite player is Zach Parise. When I asked him why he chose Zach, he said, “He plays the way I want a captain and a franchise player to play. It’s the way he battles for pucks, goes into corners and the intensity he brings”. He then went on to say, “I’m of course somewhat partial to the Swedish contingent of the roster and I’m hoping that Jacob Josefson develops into the great two-way pivot that we all want him to be. Of course I was also very excited when they drafted Adam Larsson and I’m looking forward to him fulfilling his potential in a Devils jersey”.

We all know that there has to be someone in the past that all Devils fans love and Petter didn’t have to go far to pick a fan favorite in Scott Stevens, “A truly intimidating player and he was the perfect captain” said Petter.

Petter does not currently own any memorabilia or jerseys (we may have to change that). One of his future purchases for sure will be a T-shirt or a hat or something along those lines. Petter is hoping that Parise will sign a long-term contract (something all Devils fans are hoping for) so that can be his first purchase.

Petter frequents some of the Devils forums and follows along via Twitter like everyone else. He follows the beat writers to get his daily dose of information and says that’s just a small part of his NHL-related surfing, admitting that he’s a big NHL-junkie.

In order to watch games, Petter ordered Game Center Live and watches as many games as possible, (usually 1 or 2 per week at the least). However, 7PM Eastern Time in the United States is 1 am in Sweden, so sometimes it can prove a bit difficult. “Whenever there’s a matinee I circle it on the calendar and cancel everything, I’m not missing those for the world.” Petter is truly a dedicated fan!

I asked Petter if he had any intentions of coming to the US to see the team play live and he said, “Making a trip in the future to attend a Devils game or two is in the plans – it just has to become reality. I’m also hoping for the team to be a part of one of those Season Openers over here in Europe, that’d be amazing”.

Thank you Petter for allowing us to share your story about not just being a Devils fan, but for your dedication to a team so far away!

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