One-on-One with Zach Parise

Zach Parise Media Day InterviewI have lived the ultimate Devils fan dream. I got to interview Zach Parise. One on one, Zach and me… and a few camera guys. It was awesome! Zach was at the Prudential Center with a bunch of other big name hockey players the NHL Media Tour filming commercial spots and taking promo photos. They managed to squeeze some time in for me to ask him a few questions on behalf of the Devils Army.

With the help of the other Generals, I came up with a list of questions I would ask Zach. I shook off the nerves, tried to tame the excitement and went for it. Check out our quick Q&A, you might be surprised at some of his answers.

CB: You’re an All-Star hockey player, what would you be doing if you weren’t?
ZP: I always had an interest in architecture growing up, but I was never good at math. I guess I got lucky and didn’t have to fall back on that.

CB: Was your dad a big influence when you were growing up?
ZP: Big time. We had pictures all over the house of him playing and things like that, and him telling stories all the time. We played a lot of sports growing up, but hockey came easiest for us growing up in that environment. It came naturally.

CB: So if not professional hockey, what sport would you be playing?
ZP: Probably baseball or maybe tennis.

CB: Whoa, tennis huh?
ZP: Oh yea, big tennis fan.  I know it’s kind of like being a fan of the Yankees and the Red Sox, but I really like Federer and Nadal. They’re fun to watch.

CB: Do you have any advice for kids who want to make it into the NHL?
ZP: There’s a lot you can say about that. We were always told to have fun with it. You see a lot of parents these days its all hockey, hockey, hockey. Kids get burned out at such a young age. It was never like that for us, we did different sports. When hockey season was over we did baseball. You have to be willing to outwork everybody. It’s not easy to get to this level. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of people aren’t willing to do that and I guess that’s what separates the guys that make it and the guys that don’t.

CB: This is Jersey’s team, where is your favorite place to go in New Jersey?
ZP: It’s a great area, there’s a lot to do. I personally have never been down to the shore area, I heard its awesome. Usually when the season is over we go home so I’ve never gotten to go. But being so close to New York is great, there’s lots to do there.

CB: What is your favorite restaurant in New Jersey?
ZP: There’s a couple. There’s a restaurant called Divina up in Caldwell, we used to go there before games all the time. Down in Hoboken, if you like pizza, I’m a big Grimaldi’s fan.

CB: Yes! ::insert high five here:: I love Grimaldi’s!
ZP: I love Grimaldi’s too. They just put a new one in there. I love that pizza, best I’ve ever had.

CB: How about the Jersey fans, can you hear us cheering you guys on from the stands?
ZP: Oh yea, you can definitely. There’s times where you get caught up and you don’t hear, but you can definitely feel it and hear when the fans get loud. It helps motivate us, yea no question. We need all the support, it really helps when you’re playing for a loud building.

CB: Give us a glimpse into the locker room, who’s the clown?
ZP: It’s been such an overhaul, a lot of new players. I missed a lot, but unless everything’s changed, Zubie and Greene are always up for a good joke or two. There’s always something with them, we’re always going back and forth. They definitely keep it light, it’s good to keep it light.

CB: Do you have a favorite Prudential Center snack?
ZP: I’ve never actually eaten anything here. I know the cameras caught me with pizza last year, but that’s it.

CB: Well, was it good atleast?
ZP: Yea it was very good pizza.

CB: What is it like when you have to play against your friends and team mates in other tournaments like the Olympics and All Star games?
ZP:  You just play for your team. Some of my best friends are guys on other teams, and we train all summer together. You don’t think of them as your friends on the ice, you think of your team.

CB: How did your goal in the 2010 Olympics affect you?
ZP: Affect me? It was definitely the biggest goal I’ve ever made. I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was until after it all happened. People would come up to me and tell me what a great moment it was, I guess I didn’t realize what it really meant as it was happening.

CB: Do you feel a personal responsibility to promote hockey to American kids?
ZP: Of course, I think all the players do feel that responsibility. We need more interest in the sport, we want the sport to grow.

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  1. Chrissy – I’m so jealous!! Awesome interview!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Chrissy you are one lucky lady! If I was standing in front of him I would not even be able to talk!

  3. Thanks guys, it was scary and awesome at the same time. Glad you guys liked the Q&A!

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