Player Profile: Welcome Back, Bryce Salvador!

Bryce SalvadorNUMBER: 24
HEIGHT: 6′ 3″
BORN: Feb 11, 1976 (Age 35)
BIRTHPLACE: Brandon, MB, Canada

After missing all of last season with a concussion, sustained after a couple rough pre-season matches with the Flyers and Rangers last year, I am super excited to announce that Bryce Salvador is expected to take the ice in tonight’s first home pre-season game!

Our veteran defensemen was originally drafted in the sixth round by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 1994 entry draft. He would then play for the St. Louis Blues until 2008 when he would be traded to us in exchange for Cam Janssen (who we welcome back to New Jersey this year, but I digress!).

Since then, Salvador has been a strong presence on our defensive line. Aside from being fast and fearless when defending the net, Salvador isn’t shy when it comes to sticking up for his team mates in the event that a scrum breaks out.

I’ve had the chance to meet Salvador a few times and he is one of the nicest people you could ever encounter. At the Team BBQ last year, he was sporting a pretty large slash across his forehead (which he got in the game the night before). My mother, always concerned about our players, blurted out, “OH! That’s a big Boo-Boo you got! Are you OK?” My family, our season ticket representative (who was accompanying Salvador) and Salvador all broke out into laughter. My mom, realizing she just asked a professional hockey player about his “boo-boo” as if he were her son, stood there blushing as Salvador kindly told her he was doing just fine, and not to worry. Since then, each time we’ve seen him at an event, we’ve asked about his “boo-boo” and how his recovery has been going. He hadn’t fully recovered when we saw him at the player skate and my mother admonished him saying, “You told me your boo-boo wasn’t bad! But you haven’t played all season!” He again laughed and assured her he was doing well, while Zubrus laughed and teased him. Finally, we saw him again at the awards ceremony and got to have him sign the photos we took earlier in the season. The gash on his forehead was fully healed and he was a good sport about checking out our photos and laughing at the situation again.

Welcome Back SalvadorAnd so, it is with great enthusiasm that I welcome Bryce Salvador back to the ice. I’m looking forward to his finesse, speed and defensive expertise… just, please stay healthy. No more boo-boos! We fans missed you as much as your team mates did!

If you’ve met Salvador, please share your story!

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