It’s Almost October

The RockIt’s finally that time again. Starting with our pre-season opener on Friday, HOCKEY IS BACK! I know I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends and fellow fans over the past few weeks. As training camp got underway and season tickets were received in the mail, the underlying excitement has continued to grow.

I’ve already broken the jerseys out of the closet (I use the excuse that they make good sweatshirts and wear them every chance I get) and I’ve made plans for road trips throughout the season. Friends and I are already discussing who is going to what pre-season game, who will be at the home opener and where we will all meet. Fantasy hockey leagues are popping up all over the place, with everyone on Facebook and Twitter asking “who wants to join in?” I’ve never been a part of a fantasy league before, but I’m going to give it a try with our own Devils Generals League!

As busy as the summer has been, the hockey bug is biting and I can’t wait to get back to the arena. I am looking forward to seeing what our boys have in store for us this year. The end of last year showed so much promise for our upcoming season. Our rookies really stepped up to the plate filling in for our injured veterans, and it will be fun to see how much they have grown and how well they will play now that they have some experience under the belts. We have new players to welcome to the ice, like our top draft pick, Adam Larsson. We’ve hired a new coach, Peter DeBoer and we get to welcome back Bryce Salvador, who missed all of last season with a concussion. I am relieved and ecstatic to hear the news that he cleared his physical and is reported by his team mates to be in incredible physical shape. As if all of that news wasn’t fantastic enough, we also get to welcome back Zach Parise whose knee has completely healed! While I am saddened to hear Travis Zajac injured himself during training and will be missing a month or two, I am curious to see who Lou and our coaches will have fill in for him. Not at all happy news but it will give us a chance to see some more of our young, up and coming talent in action.

There are so many new additions to our Devils family, players we can finally welcome back from injury, and I will finally get to see my friends and favorite staff members again. I have a great feeling about this year!

It’s almost October, what are you most looking forward to?

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  1. I’m pumped to see Zach back on the ice where he belongs.

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