Best to Wear – #5

I know, I know. You think I don’t know how to count properly. Clearly, the number five does NOT come after the number two.

After much debate, and feedback from readers, we will not be doing a “Best to Wear ” for number three or four. Seeing as these are the only numbers retired by the New Jersey Devils, I think it’s pretty clear who the best to wear them are. However in case you’re wondering here are what would’ve been the choices (bold denotes who the number is retired for).

#3: Ken Daneyko, Dave Hutchison
#4: Scott Stevens, Myles O’Connor, Sergei Starikov, Eric Weinrich, Jamie Huscroft, Gord Mark, Bob Lorimer

Also, a lot of you have been asking if we’re talking about just their career in New Jersey or their NHL career as a whole. Try to focus on their Jersey career, but don’t let me stop you from voting for someone based on their NHL career.

You will have until 11:59 PM EDT on Thursday, August 25 to cast your vote. As a comment, leave a reason why you voted for a certain player.

So, Devils Army, Who was the Best to Wear # 5?

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  1. In a few years, the answer will be Adam Larsson

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