Best to Wear #1: New Jersey Devil Chico Resch

I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised by the closeness of votes on this one. I thought for sure Chico Resch would win by a HUGE margin. I was proved wrong.

The Devils Army, pleased with the Moose‘s performance last year, had John Hedberg battling Chico head to head for most of the poll. However, everyone’s favorite Devil Food Critic was able to gain supreme.

Chico ReschNUMBER: 1
HEIGHT: 5′ 9″
POSITION: Goaltender
Caught: Left
BORN: July 10, 1948

Chico Resch was acquired from the New York Islanders, back when the Devils were still the struggling Colorado Rockies. Resch played out the final seasons of the Rockies until the team relocated in 1982 and became the team we know and love, the New Jersey Devils.

Resch proved to be a building block to make the Devils franchise successful. When the Devils hosted the 1984 All Star Game, Chico was the winning goaltender.

Chico saw a gigantic work load as the starting goaltender of the Devils but saw little success. Resch was eventually traded from the struggling Devils in 1986 to the Flyers to backup rookie sensation, Ron Hextall.

Resch never won a Stanley Cup with the Devils, but he did win the Bill Masterson Trophy (player who shows best sportsmanship and dedication to ice hockey) in the Rockies final season, 1982.

Currently you can catch Chico as a commentator in MSG Plus for the New Jersey Devils. Chico’s popularity among Devils fans grew when the Devils moved to the Prudential Center, and MSG Plus started a segment during Devils games known as, “Chico Eats” where Resch would sample food from eateries in the new arena.

Career Stats with COL/NJ
267 67 148 33 1 1,010 4.06 14,817

Chico Resch: Best to Wear # 1.

On Monday, we will have the next poll in the series, “Best to Wear #2?”

If you have any comments about the outcome of this poll, feel free to leave any opinions you may have in the comment section.

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  1. Chico was neck and neck with Hedberg for who was the best to wear #1???

    Uh, hello? Sean Burke? Came from the Canadian olympic team in ’88 to win 11 straight and get us into the playoffs when he was like 12 years old.

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