Best to Wear – #1

Devils Army, we want to hear your opinion. Please use your indoor voices, though.

We’re going to start a new interactive segment here on the blog entitled “Best to Wear.” Basically, we want to know your opinion who was the best player to wear a certain jersey number. Just because it’s entitled “Best to Wear” doesn’t mean you have to vote for the person who looked best in red and black, or even whose name looked the best on the back of the sweater. This is your opinion as to who the best PLAYER was to wear that number.

We will start with, you guessed it, number one.

You will have until August 11th at 11:59 PM EDT to cast your vote!

So Devils Army, who was the best to wear # 1 ?

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  1. I have to choose Hedberg because he’s the best of the 8, and also is my 2nd favorite player on the Devils!

  2. Ooh, love this new game! So hard to vote against Chico and while I adore him and he would instantly win an announcer poll, I had to go with Hedberg. Awesome goalie, all around great guy.

  3. Just wondering if this poll reflects best player while with New Jersey or best player over their entire NHL career?

  4. It’s hard not to vote for Burke since he was such a big part of our first ever playoff run… It’s easy to forget how bad we were and for soooooo long… he was instrumental in changing the Devils from a Mickey Mouse organization to the Mighty Mouse team we have enjoyed for 20 years.

  5. I voted for Burke for two reasons. The first is that it was because of him that I became a hockey fan and ultimately a Devils fan. The first time I ever watched a hockey game on tv was when Burke played for Team Canada at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary. He immediately became my favorite player. Second, we all know he got called up shortly after that and went on an incredible run, taking us to within 1 game of the Stanley Cup final. I think he gave the Devils organization, fans included, a taste of what winning could do for a team. Sure, it would be another 7 years before we brought the Cup home, but I truly believe it started with Burke.

  6. All fair points… I went with Chico because of his commentary. I assume he’d wear the jersey in an alumni game and I’d most want to see him. I agree about Burke though. One year for Hedburg as a backup doesn’t quite make the cut for me, but I do like to yell MOOOOOOSE – especially in 1-0 shutout victories against the Rangers.

  7. I had a friend ask me the very same question, Chad. I was going for their time in NJ. The example he brought up was Shanahan, who was clearly a dominant player in the NHL, but not so much with NJ.

    So to answer your question, it’s totally up to you, haha. Sorry it’s not so helpful, but people will vote however they want. So if you want to vote on NHL career, go right ahead. If you want to vote on NJ career, you can do that too.

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