Welcome back, Zach! Zach Parise resigned with the New Jersey Devils

Zach PariseFINALLY. The news we have all been waiting for! Zach Parise has been signed to a one year contract for $6 million! What else is there really to say? I know I wasn’t the only Devils fan frantically checking for updates regarding one of our top forwards. I’m sure I’m also not the only one a little bit worried that he was only signed to a year, and that the news I was truly hoping for involved a contract with a bit more… length?

But, looking at this from a business standpoint, as I’m sure every GM and agent must, this isn’t a terrible or scary act for us or Parise. For starters, this one year contract allows us to completely avoid arbitration. I don’t think I could handle the suspense of waiting for that decision!

Secondly, our staff gets a chance to make sure Zach is 100% recovered from last year’s injury. I know I have absolute faith that Zach is going to come back from his surgery better than ever, but in sports, injury can be risky. There is a small chance that Zach might not be the same as he was.

Third, this is a great opportunity for Zach. From everything I’ve ever read, he has clearly indicated to the fans and the media that he wants to be a “Devil for life.” Well now he can make sure that he’s 100% happy with that decision. This one year agreement gives him, his agent and Lou Lamoriello more time to hash out all the details for a long term agreement that will make everyone happy.

So, while we all have to wait (impatiently at best) to see how well our beloved Devil has recovered, what kind of offer Lou really has up his sleeve, and whether or not Zach will sign come 2012 (I’m optimistic that he will), I say “HUZZAH!” We’re glad to have you back, Zach!


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