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Welcome back, Zach! Zach Parise resigned with the New Jersey Devils

Zach PariseFINALLY. The news we have all been waiting for! Zach Parise has been signed to a one year contract for $6 million! What else is there really to say? I know I wasn’t the only Devils fan frantically checking for updates regarding one of our top forwards. I’m sure I’m also not the only one a little bit worried that he was only signed to a year, and that the news I was truly hoping for involved a contract with a bit more… length?

But, looking at this from a business standpoint, as I’m sure every GM and agent must, this isn’t a terrible or scary act for us or Parise. For starters, this one year contract allows us to completely avoid arbitration. I don’t think I could handle the suspense of waiting for that decision!

Secondly, our staff gets a chance to make sure Zach is 100% recovered from last year’s injury. I know I have absolute faith that Zach is going to come back from his surgery better than ever, but in sports, injury can be risky. There is a small chance that Zach might not be the same as he was.

Third, this is a great opportunity for Zach. From everything I’ve ever read, he has clearly indicated to the fans and the media that he wants to be a “Devil for life.” Well now he can make sure that he’s 100% happy with that decision. This one year agreement gives him, his agent and Lou Lamoriello more time to hash out all the details for a long term agreement that will make everyone happy.

So, while we all have to wait (impatiently at best) to see how well our beloved Devil has recovered, what kind of offer Lou really has up his sleeve, and whether or not Zach will sign come 2012 (I’m optimistic that he will), I say “HUZZAH!” We’re glad to have you back, Zach!


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“Here on Rolston’s Isle.”: Brian Rolston is traded to the New York Islanders

Brian RolstonDearly beloved, we gather here to say our goodbyes.

As Devils fans, I believe there is only one way we can explain this trade: status quo. Am I right, or am I right?

Brian Rolston has been sent to go join Gilligan and the Skipper over on the Island, Long Island that is.

A purely business deal sent Rolston over to the New York Islanders in exchange for winger, Trent Hunter. Rolston has one more year left on his contract, collecting a whopping $5-million cap hit. Hunter, on the other hand, signed for two more years at $2-million. Clearly this was a salary cap move, for both organizations. The New Jersey Devils free up $3-million from their already limited salary cap, and the Islanders inch closer to the salary cap floor. Now the Devils have the cap room to sign Zach Parise to a pretty hefty, hefty, hefty, contract, and the Islanders don’t have to bring back Alexei Yashin—yet.

Seriously though, personally speaking, I’m okay with Rolston going to the Islanders.

It’s not because I wanted to vote him off the Devils, “Survivor” style, any moment I got. Personally, I was glad when we got him back on the team in 2008. As a young hockey padawan, I was saddened when he was traded away to Colorado in 2000. But then I learned he was traded for Claude Lemieux, and then we won a cup, so I was happy.

Brian Rolston is still a decent hockey player. At 38 years-old he will bring veteran leadership to the Islanders that they need due to the retirement of Doug Weight. Rolston gets his chance to be a top six-forward that he wanted to be with the Devils. However, injuries plus the acquisition of Ilya Kovalchuk dampened Rolston’s plans.

It was evident Rolston was going to be the odd man out when it came to dumping salary. He was waived last December in hopes that a team would pick him up on re-entry waivers and take half of his salary. No one did claim him and the Devils made best with what they could, and hey, Rolston did have an offensive spark that helped turn the team around in the second half.

Goodbye Brian, again. Hope for nothing but success with the Islanders for you.

I just hope the same result happens from the last time we traded you.

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Player Profile: Zach Parise (Happy Birthday!)

Zach PariseNUMBER: 9
HEIGHT: 5′ 11″
BORN: July 28, 1984
BIRTHPLACE: Minneapolis, MN, United States

Zach Parise was picked up by the New Jersey Devils in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft as the 17th overall pick. Before Zach Parise became our pro, he played two seasons for the University of North Dakota. He signed a contract in 2004, spent a year playing for the Albany River Rats in the American Hockey League before joining the Devils in 2005. Parise made his first NHL appearance against the Pittsburgh Penguins on October 5th, 2005. That night he scored his first NHL goal and got his first assist, becoming the 12th Devil to score a goal in his first game. In his first season he scored 18 goals and had 40 assists. The next season, he set a franchise record for scoring the quickest season-opening goal, scoring 26 seconds into the game.

Parise’s points kept growing. In 2007-08 he lead the Devils with 65 points. It was that same season that he got his first NHL hat trick. Zach played in the 2008-09 NHL All Star Game, was chosen as one of three nominees for the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy and was named the Devils MVP. In 2009 he was named an alternate captain, along with finishing 5th in the league for goal scoring.

Some of Parise’s international appearances include a 2002 IIHF World U18 Championship where he played for the USA and received a gold medal. In 2003 and 2004, he played in the World Junior Championships, finishing 4th in 2003 but winning gold in 2004 along with being named MVP. He also played in the 2010 Olympics, picking up a silver medal.

In November of 2010, Parise tore the meniscus in his right knee, leaving him out for the majority of the season.

I want to wish Zach a happy 27th birthday and many more with him as a Devil. I recently picked up a really cool picture with Zach Parise that I plan on getting autographed soon.

Seth's Devils Picture

2010-2011 Season Stats
13 3 3 6 -1 6 0 0 1 49 6.1

Player Profile: Mattias Tedenby

Mattias TedenbyNUMBER: 21
HEIGHT: 5′ 10″
POSITION: Right Wing
BORN: February 21, 1990
BIRTHPLACE: Vetlanda, Sweden

Mattias Tedenby was drafted by the New Jersey Devils in the first round of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. When he was called up in 2010, he got right to work. In his NHL debut in November, he recorded an assist. It was only 2 days later that he got his first NHL goal on a power play against the Edmonton Oilers.

He had plenty of experience playing for several teams in Sweden for elite league clubs, and it shows. Jacques Lemaire has suggested that Tedenby has the potential to be another Brian Gionta with his control and quickness. Tedenby is small, but plays an aggressive game and isn’t scared to get involved. He gets to where he needs to be, and quickly.

Tedenby has definitely won over a lot of Devils fans this past season and is a new fan favorite. He hasn’t racked up any awards just yet, so for now we’ll keep our eyes on him and watch him in action.

You can get your Tedenby (and Devils) fix tonight on MSG Plus by tuning in to their Summer Ice series. At 8PM tonight they’ll be airing the 2/8/11 game against the Hurricanes where Tedenby scores two goals eventually leading to an OT win.

2010-2011 Season Stats
58 8 14 22 3 14 2 0 2 87 9.2

What are some of your favorite Tedenby moments?

Farewell, Doc: Mike Emrick ends his 21-year career with the New Jersey Devils

Mike "Doc" EmrickI am a fairly young sports fan. My father had the pleasure of hearing the great Mel Allen call Yankee games when he was younger. I was too young to really remember Phil Rizzuto’s glory days in the booth. But both provided a fantastic soundtrack to the games people watched growing up. When they left, things just weren’t the same. Not worse, just not the same.

Mike “Doc” Emrick stepped down today as the New Jersey Devils play-by-play man ending a 21-year career with the team and MSG Networks. I could not be more sad and bummed out for myself and Devils fans around. The man was the soundtrack to my childhood. The first voice I ever heard calling hockey was Gary Thorne. Then a couple of years later Doc came back to the Devils and took over for the next 20 years and became the voice synonymous with the rise of a team I love so much. And the fact that he was the best in the business and WE had him as our play-by-play guy was really a treat. One that some of us may not have realized until the last couple of years. Just like how we get to tell our children we got to watch Martin Brodeur play every day, we can also tell them we got to listen to Doc Emrick every game.

Doc has lent his voice to so many historical, exciting moments in Devils history. The 3 OT game where Grant Marshall scored, Marty Brodeur’s 552nd win, and most memorably – even to him – was calling the cup-clinching game in 1995 for FOX. There are so many moments that Doc has been a part of. I could list them all here but the post could go on forever. We all remember his excellent vocabulary and his usual terms and phrases such as “waffle-boarded”, “pitchforked”, and “big driiiiiive”. And I’m sure we all learned some fun history about the players we had, and were playing against, when he would reference what junior team and small town in Canada a certain player was from (i.e. “Big man from Nova Scotia” – Colin White).

This post is sounding like an obituary but it shouldn’t be. Doc’s not gone completely. There is some good news. He will be calling games full-time for NBC/Versus during the next season. I am happy I’ll still get to hear him and NBC/Versus is committed to giving hockey a voice and place in the sports landscape. Having Doc on full-time to be the “the voice of hockey” is a great step in that direction. I’m sure the Devils will have a couple of games on Versus this year so we’ll get to hear him call some games. I often wondered how taxing it had been on Doc the last couple of years as he kept a rigorous schedule calling games for all networks. I guess we now know. Doc loves hockey. He loves to talk it even with fans. I have heard countless stories from other fans who talked with Doc and can’t say anything bad at all about him. I’ve run into him just quickly a couple of times and he always said hi with a smile, even if he was in a rush. And now we’ll get to hear him call games on the national level full-time. Which means when we make our run this year to the Cup, he’ll again be the voice of the team!

It’s a sad day for sure but it’s not the end. Doc has given all of us so many memories and so many moments that will live forever on YouTube. Thank you Doc for the 21 years you’ve given us. You’ve earned the bigger stage and lighter schedule. We all love you.

The Devils Army

Please feel free to leave your well wishes and favorite Doc memories below.

Welcome Aboard, Peter DeBoer!

Peter DeBoerWell after much discussion amongst fans and media folks alike, the Devils have finally hired a new coach. That man is… Peter DeBoer. DeBoer is the former coach of the Florida Panthers who was let go at the end of this past season. While his record may show why he was fired, that’s not the only reason. The Panthers are in the middle of a giant rebuilding process and that includes the coach. DeBoer took the Panthers to the brink of the playoffs since the 1999-2000 season with the 2nd highest point total in franchise history. The following years he did not make the playoffs and finished with worse and worse records. However, he did not have the players he had that first year and also, as mentioned before, was still coaching during a rebuilding time in Florida. That will obviously not be the case in his time in New Jersey.

I, for one, am excited on this hire. DeBoer had great success on the junior level winning a Memorial Cup and winning the OHL his last year coaching in juniors. He is also a disciple of former Devils coach Brent Sutter. Sutter hockey was some of the more aggressive and exciting the Devils had during his 2 year tenure. DeBoer has that same philosophy. He has experience coaching young kids, both in the junior level (obviously) and in Florida. With the new influx recently of the Baby Devs last year, this is a good man for the job. A new coach for the new NHL. Can’t wait to hear the opinions of the Devils Army on this move.


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