The Players Award Ceremony

If you are a season ticket holder, one of the many perks is having the opportunity to attend meet and greet events with the players. My family and I were certainly in for a treat when we attended the Players Award Ceremony and autograph signing on Thursday, April 7th!

The event opened with an hour long autograph session, with all of the players armed with sharpie markers and glowing smiles. We were fortunate in that Ilya Kovalchuk happened to be at the table nearest where we entered, and we were able to get at the head of the line. I have patiently waited for the opportunity to have him sign my jersey, and I finally got my chance!

I also had a puck given to me by Mark Fraser in the pre-season. It was exciting to finally get his autograph and have a chance to talk to him. The best part was learning that he recognized me from all the times I go and wave during the warm ups, and that he remembered giving that puck to me!

Probably the funniest situation of all, was my family and I bringing a bright red stuffed pig with Devils horns (from today forward known as “Devil Pig”) and having nearly the entire team and coaching staff sign him. Johan Hedberg gave my brother and I a quizzical look and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever signed a PIG before!” Dainius Zubrus, who we have seen at numerous signings, wondered what we had in store for him, as he has signed everything from photos, books, pucks and jerseys for us. I explained that he was the inspiration for bringing the pig; after all, he’s already signed everything else for us! We had to get creative. He laughed as he autographed the “place of honor” right on the front.

After the autograph signings, we were treated to a wonderful lunch of sandwiches, chicken fingers, small snacks and drinks. Then the awards were handed out. Travis Zajac was voted by his team mates as this year’s Unsung Hero, Johan Hedberg was deemed this year’s Players Player, while Patrik Elias was given the honor of Most Valuable Player.

We listened as each award was handed out, and each coach thanked the players, staff and all the fans! Jacques Lemaire hinted that we may see him again next year, which was met with thunderous applause from the crowd. The event ended with an inspirational video of this season’s highlights, bringing back all the memories of this year’s strengths, and reminding us of what we will have to look forward to next year! Everyone down on the ice expressed disappointment that we aren’t occupying a place in the playoffs as we have become accustomed, but assured us that next year, they will be working doubly hard to be back where we belong!

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  1. What an awesome event to be able to go to, I am still waiting to get my Kovalchuk jersey signed. Looks like I’ll have to get season tickets to make it happen!!

  2. I love that Zajac got Unsung Hero! He’s one of my favorite players, nice to see him being recognized for his work! I agree with all the awards. Hedberg really stepped it up for us, and Patty.. well he’s Patty. He should be MVP every year.

  3. This is a unique event and nice that the organization recognizes the fans that have had season tickets for a long time. Definitely makes me want to hold onto mine so I get these opportunities too.

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