Our Unsung Heroes

As we all know, those of us who become season ticket holders do so because we love our team, we admire our players, and we love being able to share the excitement of the season with our friends.

However, one very important group of people often go overlooked, and if not for them our experience in the arena would be very different. So,  I wanted to take a moment to thank some of our unsung heroes who work hard every day to make sure we, the fans, are taken care of every time we visit.

For my family, those heroes are the staff in the Fire Lounge. Being in the Fire Lounge every game is truly an amazing experience and not just because the food is great! We’ve come to know many of the members of the staff, and they have gone above and beyond making sure we have a great visit, every time. We are always greeted with smiles and hellos, hugs and handshakes, great conversation, and outstanding service.

From the ushers and the security guards, to the cooks and food servers, bartenders and managers, everyone is outstanding.

Doc, Chico and Steve are there broadcasting, too! They often take the time to greet fans with a friendly smile, pose for photos or sign autographs!

We love our Devils, but the staff in the Fire Lounge have truly taken our Season Ticket Experience to a level beyond what we expected it would be!


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  1. The staff at Prudential are all amazing!! It’s pretty incredible actually. Every other arena is full of cranky staff, but these guys seem to just be happy and root the Devils on. It makes the experience that much better. It’s also great when you get to know the guys at the beer stands, you don’t have to wait as long when they have your beer ready when you get up there. :)

  2. I do enjoy the enthusiasm the staff has working the devils games. They cheer just as much as I do

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