Living Under The Rock: The Season Ticket Holder’s Experience

TicketsSo do you ever wonder what it’s like going to every home game of a hockey season? Here it is.

Wallet, check. Keys, check. Tickets, check. Wearing red, check. When you go to two or three games a week, those last items become a part of your daily routine. Your friends and coworkers know you’re headed to the game later because, well you’re wearing red and have your Jersey laying out in the backseat of your car. (Or trunk if you think someone will break into your car for the sole purpose of stealing your freshly stitched Kovalchuk jersey or vintage Stevens!) The Devils become a part of your day-to-day life, not a once in awhile event.

Of course the perks of being a season ticket holder are great. You get to attend exclusive events and win some awesome prizes. A few of these events allow you to meet and greet the team, and even skate in the Prudential Center with them! General Kim’s (@shadowpwny) favorite event is the team skate, she says that getting to share the same ice as the people you admire most is – awesome! I think she chose this event over the Team Barbecue because she turned Devils red when meeting Zach Parise… but that’s just my guess. During these events you get the chance to talk to the players and see how they genuinely appreciate us as fans and how normal they are – they don’t always wear those big pads, you know.

But it’s more than just the perks. It’s a whole different experience as a season ticket holder. The Prudential Center is your second home and you are as comfortable there as you are in your own living room – without the remote. Your seats are literally your seats. Other season ticket holders in your section become your neighbors. Spending 6 months out of the year with the same people who obviously have the same interests, you end up with some new friends – your section buddies. One of our own Generals, Jaime, has known the same group of fans for the past 11 years, starting in what was Continental Airlines Arena and now they all sit together in Section 225. Their friendship has gone beyond the arena and they have become a close family, participating in Fantasy Hockey leagues and even traveling together to visit other arenas to watch the Devils.

You get to know the in’s and out’s of the arena. While the majority of people are trying to squeeze down the main escalator, you now the quickest way out is to take the stairways. You also know where the best place is to get a burger and a beer before the game, exactly where each concession stand is, and where the best parking spots are – I’m not giving mine up, sorry!

The 2010-2011 was my first season as a season ticket holder and it was great! I’ve made my own section buddies and know the quickest way to a Carvel for my chocolate sundae with sprinkles during the second intermission… yes, it’s that important. I’ve gotten the chance to meet all my favorite players, experience everything the Rock has to offer and watch every single home game live. I was there for all the action; Kovalchuk’s game winning goals, Marty’s jaw-dropping saves, Travis Zajac playing his 388th consecutive game, tying the record of Ken Daneyko. Every big moment of the season I saw. When people talk about the incredible and crazy season we’ve had, I can say I was there for it all.

Get season tickets for 2011-2012, check.

Team BBQ w/ Zajac

Team BBQ w/ Zajac!

Kim & Parise

Kim & Zach Parise at the Team BBQ

Kim w/ Hedberg Team Skate

Kim and her family with Hedberg at the Team Skate

Jaime's Group

Jaime's Devils Family

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  1. Joe Dellaragione

    Yes, the perks are awesome! For example I pay $15 dollars a game for my season ticket. I have been a loyal season ticket holder for 15 years. However someone can walk in off the street and buy a ticket in the same section for $10 ….

  2. Great Article! It really does become part of your life. Being a season ticket holder you become part of a larger group, you get to know other fans and it makes celebrating wins that more enjoybale! The devils are doing a great job of giving season ticket holders a reason to be there every game!

    -Ross (thefansvoice)

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