Can’t Beat These Seats: Section 211

Section 211 is where I call home. Right around center ice behind the benches, this section gives you an amazing view of all the action on the ice from corner to corner. You can see every face off, every save, and each goal scored. This goes for any center ice upper level section, but I’m a little biased to 211 since I’ve been sitting there all year!

The crowd is great in the upper level. It’s always full of true Devils fans. This is where the fans who attend more than a few games a season like to sit. This is where chants get started, ref’s get yelled at, and players get their loudest support.

You also get to see all the Devils game personalities from your seat. The NJ Devil guy (not to be confused with our mascot, NJ) reigns from Section 211. Across the ice you can see – and hear – Mike Hiller of Section 233 and the Crazies start his DEVILS chant every game. On the other end of the arena, you can see the Devils Dancers in section 16.

More importantly, right behind section 211 is Nathans. Not only can you get the best fries in the arena, but also the best condiments. Hear me out on this… the condiments stand right outside has the full trifecta of Ketchup, Frank’s Red Hot and Cattlemen’s Barbecue sauce. The barbecue sauce isn’t available throughout the arena, you have to search for it but it’s a MUST for fries and chicken fingers. You can pick up a Molson’s Canadian or Land Shark on your way to your seat if the standard Bud Light isn’t your thing. Plus, there’s a Mrs. Fields right outside and their white chocolate macadamia nut cookie is no joke!

You’re also right by an escalator to make a quick trip up from the main concourse to the second level during the game and easy trip down when the game is over.

Section 211 is my home away from home and you’ll find me here every game, Nathans fries and trifecta in hand.

Upper Level

Upper Level near 211

View from Section 211

View from Section 211

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  1. I love seats in the upper levels because of exactly what you said, you can see everything. I’ve been sitting in 210 since the Rock opened!

  2. Before my Dad bought season tickets, I always used to sit in 212 or 213. Love it up there, and the view IS awesome!

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