Supporters, Rise Up!

Supporters BannerThe New Jersey Devils Supporters Section fills its seats with enthusiastic fans who want nothing more than to rise up and cheer on the Devils. Anyone can join them, but you have to follow two rules: One, you have to rock your red. Two, you have to bring your voice, ’cause there is some serious chanting going on and the louder, the better!

With a few games under their belt, this section is really starting to build up and the crowd gets bigger each game. Fans stand at their seats, bring in signs and are ready to start up classic chants along with a few new ones to really get the team – and the crowd – pumped up. One of the usual supporters, Albert Merdo says, “It’s cool that they have a bunch of different chants instead of the same ones over and over again.” The new favorite is the “I Believe” chant; it’s catchy and perfect for our team trying to make it through their playoff push. Players can hear them up there and have mentioned that it helps give them energy and makes a difference in their play.

The idea of this section and its promotion has been through our favorite marketing tactic, social media. It started between fans on a few Devils forums and eventually led to a dedicated Facebook page where everyone can go to get updates on the upcoming games, new chants and digitally meet and greet fellow supporters. With the help of the Devils Ticketing Operations, a chunk of tickets in the same section are set aside for fans who want to participate in the Supporters Section and are sold at a discounted rate for select games.

Participators love being a part of a group that is just as excited about the boys in red as they are! You meet new fans and have an entire section of high-five buddies to celebrate with. Keep an eye out on the New Jersey Devils Supporters Section Facebook page for the next game and join them in a true Devils hockey experience. But remember, make some noise and rise up!

Supporters Section Strip

Supporters standing in their seats in section 118

Fans in Supporter Section

Fans during Retro Night

Albert & Allisa

Albert & Allisa

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  1. Get article, as a season ticket holder it’s great to see a whole section rockin the rock. last game it was a bit disappointing, but usually they are spot on.

  2. i love seeing that the devils have a whole section of supporters…i haven’t sat up there yet but i definetly will be getting tickets for the supporters section for the islanders game next week GO DEVILS

  3. Always exciting and fun to watch! I especially like when they start jumping yelling “I Believe”. I always have wanted to be a part of it

  4. I BELIEVE that we will win! I BELIEVE that we will win!

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