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Game Preview – Devils vs. Islanders

Well the hope is fading, the drive is dwindling, but there’s still hockey to be played.  Tonight YOUR New Jersey Devils will take on the New York Islanders at The Rock.  Both teams have had similar seasons.  Both have had very tough first halves while the second halves of the season have seen signs of life and promise for next season from both teams.  Both teams have had “what if?” seasons.  What if the Devils didn’t get off to a 10-29 start?  What if the Islanders didn’t have that 14 game losing streak?  Both teams would probably be in the playoffs.  But as the old adage goes, that’s why they play the games.

Both teams though have a lot to look forward to going into next year.  The Islanders have Calder Trophy favorite Michael Grabner leading the charge this year along with John Tavares and Andrew MacDonald.  The Devils have found gems in Mattias Tedenby, Jacob Josefson, and Mark Fayne.  And both teams will be getting a top 10 draft pick this year.  So tonight’s game could be a preview of two of the top teams a few years down the line.

This is uncharted territory for us fans.  We don’t know what to do.  Here’s a tip…let’s enjoy the hockey game as a hockey game and hope our boys come out on top?  We’re all hockey fans.  Let’s win our game tonight and end the year on a high note.  We all know how great winning feels.

The Devils Silent Auction: Another Gem on the Concourse

There’s something new going on outside the entrance to the Fire Lounge during the Devils games these days and it’s stirring up a lot of excitement with the Devils fans that already know about it.  It’s the Devils Silent Auction!

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the silent auction as I was walking along the Main Concourse at a recent Devils game.  I spotted a huge framed picture with signed 8x10s of Brodeur and Nieuwekdyk hoisting the cup hanging in the middle of the concourse and I knew I had to take a closer look.

The first thing I noticed when I walked up to the table was the “Buy It Now” Langenbrunner and Arnott signed pucks for $20, that night’s special.  I knew those guys aren’t with the team any more, but they’re a part of an amazing Devils’ history and for that price how could I pass the deal up?

Moving down the table with my new pucks in my pocket, I couldn’t believe the stuff the auction team was putting up for sale.  There were signed 8x10s of players new and old, action figures, bobble heads, pins from their Stanley Cup years, and even pieces of Devils artwork.  I decided to try for a Daneyko signed photo and put down the first bid of the night.  I was told all I had to do was come back at the end of the second intermission to see if I had won.

I stopped back at the table with a couple minutes left before the start of the third period and I saw that I was still the winning bid.  I waited nervously for the next couple minutes, hoping no one would out-bid me.  I watched as people bid for the pins and plaques, but as the countdown drew to a close my choice remained untouched and I won!

As I walked away happy with my new signed picture and pucks, I also walked away with the knowledge that part of what I spent that night went to the Devils Alumni Association which helps support youth hockey in New Jersey.  I can’t wait for my next Devils game so I can head back to the table and see what cool new stuff they have up for auction.

The Devils Silent Auction is located outside the Fire Lounge entrance at Section 19/20 and bidding is open from when doors open to the end of the second intermission at every Devils home game.

One of a Kind TweetUp: March 25th at McGoverns Tavern

HTW Banner

Hockey This Week

In case you missed it, there was a pretty awesome TweetUp on Friday, March 25th! A great group of fans got together to watch the Devils play the Penguins at McGoverns Tavern in Newark, including some special guests… Does the name Ken Daneyko ring a bell?

Ken Daneyko was one of the fans on Friday – mingling with the group, talking hockey and watching the game. Of course he signed some autographs and took some pictures, too! We gave Daneyko a run down on Twitter and let him answer some fan submitted questions on our @DevilsGenerals account. In response to @21njdevils101, Daneyko’s favorite current Devil is a tie between Kovy and Parise, and said Marty has been a good buddy of his. Another fan, @DownGoesAvery, asked which current Devil/NHL player reminds Ken the most of himself. Daneyko tweeted back with, “No one, I’m one of a kind, but I’d have to say Mark Fraser.”

We also had the guys of Hockey This Week Radio Show do a live broadcast featuring our very own General Carlos, Chris Wassel of The Program and of course, Ken Daneyko. They talked about the Generals and what we’ve been up to, Zach Parise’s return coming up this Wednesday and why it’s okay to wear a Capitals shirt to a Devils game – hey, as long as it’s red!

Unfortunately, the Devils lost to the Penguins 1-0 in a shoot out, but we still had a great time! Thanks to McGoverns Tavern for letting a group of Devils fans watch their team on NCAA weekend! And of course, thanks to Hockey This Week and Ken Daneyko for stopping by and making this TweetUp one of a kind.


Check out the pics from Friday night. I know there’s a couple of familiar faces in there, let us know where you are!

Group with Ken

A few of us with Ken Daneyko

HTW with Ken

Hockey This Week with Ken Daneyko

General Carlos with Hockey This Week

DevsFan & 9smyguy

Twitter followers!

Group Shot

Owww!! Watching our team miss their shots

Crowd Shot

Devils Army Munchin' Down

Little Girl

Closely watching the game!

Date With the Devil

Recently, I had a chance to sit down with an iconic New Jersey figure: N.J. Devil, and learn more about NJ’s background and his passion for the New Jersey Devils.

N.J. became the team’s mascot in 1993 after numerous reports of a red figure leading chants at the former Brendan Byrne Arena.  He revealed himself as the legendary New Jersey Devil and a die-hard hockey fan.  Ever since his debut, NJ has been dancing in the stands, skating on the ice, and leading the Devils Army in cheering for the team.

His favorite part of a Devils game at The Rock is hearing the roar of the fans after a Devils goal and whenever he gets the chance to bring out the drum to start some cheers. But I was more interested in what N.J. is doing when not at The Rock?

Getting this sit-down with N.J. was very difficult as he makes over 200 charity appearances, assisting in fundraisers, skating at clinics, and helping out with the Street Devils team. But luck for me he took the interview in between instilling fear in opposing fans and donating blood with the Red Cross.

N.J. is a very down to earth Devil. He loves interacting with Devils fans and rowdying the fans rowdy to help the Devils win. He grew up playing hockey but often found it difficult to find proper equipment to fit his Devil size body.

What does N.J. like to eat?  His favorite place to catch a bite is at local Newark deli, Hobby’s.  The hot pastrami sandwich is one of his favorites but don’t expect him to ever order a Philly Cheesesteak. He always drinks Pepsi and his favorite dessert is Devil Dogs. What type of music does N.J. prefer?  Anything he can dance to.  He’s still waiting for Dancing with the Stars to give him a call.

His fellow mascot friends get together every All-Star Break to share stories and catch up on old times.  Pranks are also part of the annual gathering. He shared some of his favorites like in 1998 they tied Detroit Red Wings mascot, Al the Octopus’ arms together, they stole the Buffalo Sabres mascot, Sabretooth’s false teeth and the legendary prank they pulled on the Canadiens mascot, Youppi, convincing him the All-Star Game was in Quebec not Colorado causing him to completely miss that game.

The Hall of Fame is something every mascot dreams of and N.J. hopes that day may come.  When asked of his chances, he said he much rather focus on the fans and winning more Stanley Cups. Though, he admitted he would be the best looking bust in the Hall.

If he wasn’t the Devils mascot, what would he do? He is convinced he would be a male model, breakdance instructor or he would take up the family business in the Pine Barrens like his father.

The last question I asked N.J. was what is best part of his job. He said without hesitation it is working for the greatest fans in the world. I must say after conducting this interview I had a newfound respect for one of the greatest mascots ever.

Fan Fest and Warm Weather Coming to The Rock in April

This Spring has been cold and snowy thusfar, but Devils Army, we have good news!  You don’t have to be Al Roker to see the April forecast: warm. sunny weather, and the return of Devils Fan Fest on Championship Plaza.

As always, Fan Fest will feature great live music, food, games and of course fun for all. In addition to the traditional fun Fan Fest provides, the Devils will have some very unique additions including “The Tent” at the remainder of Devils home games. “The Tent” will provide an opportunity for Devils fans to purchase a piece of Devils history, include authentic relics of the team’s past and rare, discontinued team merchandise coming directly from the team’s storage vault.  Many one of a kind items from the locker room in the 1990’s, autographed merchandise, and items that have never been offered to public will be featured at the sale within “The Tent”.

Fan Fests are tentatively scheduled for April 1st, 2nd and 10th. Fan fest is free to all fans and will open two-and-a-half hours before the start of the game.
Check back to this blog as the Generals are going to try to sneak in the vault to give you a sneak peak of some of the items that will on sale in “The Tent”!

Can’t Beat These Seats: Section 211

Section 211 is where I call home. Right around center ice behind the benches, this section gives you an amazing view of all the action on the ice from corner to corner. You can see every face off, every save, and each goal scored. This goes for any center ice upper level section, but I’m a little biased to 211 since I’ve been sitting there all year!

The crowd is great in the upper level. It’s always full of true Devils fans. This is where the fans who attend more than a few games a season like to sit. This is where chants get started, ref’s get yelled at, and players get their loudest support.

You also get to see all the Devils game personalities from your seat. The NJ Devil guy (not to be confused with our mascot, NJ) reigns from Section 211. Across the ice you can see – and hear – Mike Hiller of Section 233 and the Crazies start his DEVILS chant every game. On the other end of the arena, you can see the Devils Dancers in section 16.

More importantly, right behind section 211 is Nathans. Not only can you get the best fries in the arena, but also the best condiments. Hear me out on this… the condiments stand right outside has the full trifecta of Ketchup, Frank’s Red Hot and Cattlemen’s Barbecue sauce. The barbecue sauce isn’t available throughout the arena, you have to search for it but it’s a MUST for fries and chicken fingers. You can pick up a Molson’s Canadian or Land Shark on your way to your seat if the standard Bud Light isn’t your thing. Plus, there’s a Mrs. Fields right outside and their white chocolate macadamia nut cookie is no joke!

You’re also right by an escalator to make a quick trip up from the main concourse to the second level during the game and easy trip down when the game is over.

Section 211 is my home away from home and you’ll find me here every game, Nathans fries and trifecta in hand.

Upper Level

Upper Level near 211

View from Section 211

View from Section 211


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